Concert relives rock hits

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By Amber Coulter

Residents from Hardin County and outlying towns descended Friday night upon Freeman Lake Park to relive the live concerts of Queen, Aerosmith and AC/DC.


The fitted white pants, open vests and wild hair of players in the tribute bands representing the classic acts tried to capture the time, and pounding drums and a guitarist hopping across the stage on one foot harkened back to that energy and sound.

The audience members covered the lawn on blankets and folding chairs as they listened to the bands Absolute Queen, Toys in the Attic and Highway to Hell.

They waved their hands in the air to “Somebody to Love.”

Marsha Clark of Bardstown said her group at the concert invited Allison Erbele of Elizabethtown to leave her front row spot to party with them just behind the VIP gate because they were having more fun than she was.

Erbele said the concert was awesome because it’s the kind of music that she and her mother sing together.

Clark’s friends rocked, shimmied and bounced to the music they grew up with. Several had attended about five concerts at Freeman Lake Park.

Clark said music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s is the best.

“We love to have fun, and we love ’70’s music, she said.

Letting loose at a concert with friends also allowed Clark to relax after her job in real estate.

“I love my music,” she said. “That’s the way I chill.”

Her son in his 20s also loves that type of music.

Debbie MacLellan of Bardstown said the reasonable admission meant she and her friends couldn’t pass up the chance to experience tributes to classic acts.

“This is music that lasts throughout the ages and never dies,” she said.

People still listen to music from that time period and are releasing a movie about Freddie Mercury’s life, proving how long-lasting the influence is, MacLellan said.

Married couple Amy and Mark Sneed drove from their home in Floyd Knobs, Ind., to catch the show.

Mark Sneed said the concert featured good music at a reasonable price.

“I like being outside, and it’s a good atmosphere,” he said.

Another important aspect of the show was the love for the original bands that fans had in common with the tribute players. A band that appreciates the music it plays demonstrates more passion, Mark Sneed said.

“I think they’ve got to be great fans of the music, or they wouldn’t be doing tribute bands,” he said. “I don’t think that they would be up there if they didn’t love the music they play.”

Amy agreed that the venue was good, especially because there wasn’t much visible drunkenness or litter to take away from the family atmosphere.

“It’s nice entertainment, and it’s safe entertainment and it’s fun,” she said.

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