Crossroads UPC 'Backs the Blue'

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The Crossroads UPC in Radcliff held a “Back the Blue” service on May 15 to show appreciation for police officers and firefighters.


Police officers take an oath to protect the community in which they live, making Radcliff a safer place to live and commute. But they do more than enforce the law. They help teach kids good habits and often participate in community-centered activities. The same could be said about the fire department. These are the same firefighters who respond to every emergency call, automobile crashes, house fires and emergencies throughout the community.

The Rev. A.J. Dummitt dedicated the “Back the Blue” service to men and women who serve the community. Radcliff Police Spokesman Bryce Shumate addressed the congregation and said how appreciative he is for the support of the police service. He introduced firefighter Paul Birchall as representative of the Radcliff Fire Department and applauded how well the fire department responds to community needs.

Birchall expressed gratitude for the appreciation shown to him and all fire fighters in the community. Taped messages where shared from Mayor J.J. Duvall, Radcliff Chief of Police Col. Jeff Cross and Radcliff Fire Chief Jamie Henderson in which they expressed gratitude for the support expressed to public servants.

Duvall reminded everyone that Radcliff City Hall is named after a fallen patrolman, Officer William R. Burns, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Dummitt presented commemorative posters to the RPD and RFD representatives and said Crossroads UPC will continue to pray for public servants.

Framed badges from the police and fire department were displayed by Dummitt to the congregation. The badges are permanently displayed in the church as a commitment from the church to continue to pray for them.
“Back the Blue” will be an annual event to publicly display appreciation for those who serve.