Daniel Cox sees his hard work pay off

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Rineyville man wins national award with Frito Lay, PepsiCo

By Becca Owsley

A farm work ethic and desire to promote good customer service led Daniel Cox to top accolades with the Frito Lay, PepsiCo Company.


Cox, a Howevalley native, traveled to New York City in June to be recognized with the PepsiCo Ring of Honor as a top salesman with the company at the American Museum of Natural History.

For six years, Cox has been a route sales representative with about 20 stores on his route. Before working for Frito Lay he worked a route for Murray Cookies for 15 years.

“One of the great things about going to the stores is you get to build relationships with your stores,” he said, adding when a store owner trusts that you are taking care of their business the job is easier.

Along with his wife, Tina, Cox went to New York to receive his award.

The Ring of Honor was created by PepsiCo to celebrate the best of its front line sales performers from around the world.

Cox said he appreciates the company makes an effort to recognize employees.

“The ring of honor is a recognition of all the hard work you do and long hours,” he said. “It’s humbling and the hard work pays off.”

He equated it to being inducted into the basketball hall of fame.

“Each year, PepsiCo inducts about 200 people into the Ring of Honor,” he said, adding it represents the best of all their employees from each category including key account managers, zone managers and route salespeople.

He was able to meet leaders of the company, Ring of Honor recipients from around the world and celebrities, including former basketball star Clyde Drexler and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

After receiving the award Cox was inspired to try to move up in the company and is currently in the trial period of becoming a district sales leader to see if it’s something he’d like to continue pursing. He said it’s more like coaching than supervising.

It will take him time to adjust to no longer being on a route every day, but he said his experience will help him coach those on a sales route.

The job requires less delivery and more talking, he said.

As a DSL, he provides information and support to about 10 people under his supervision.

He credits his work ethic to growing up on a farm where he was taught to work hard and do things himself, including building a home. Cox built a home in Rineyville that sits on a miniature farm. He hopes to do more farming in the future.

But that hard work was preparation for more than his career.

His middle son was born with a heart defect. Tina, a biology teacher, stayed home with him for a long time. At times, Cox had to take a second job.

He was on the road a lot with his route, sometimes from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. while his son was sick.

“We made it though all that,” he said.

His wife later became a substitute teacher and is ready to get back into teaching full time. Their son is doing well now. He is a sophomore at John Hardin High School where he plays on the golf team.

As for the recent recognition of his work, his wife called it ”awesome.”

“He is the most hard-working man I know and I’m very proud to be his wife,” Tina Cox said. “We have made a good team during our 25 years of marriage.”

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270- 505-1741 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

Getting to know Daniel Cox

  • Family: His wife Tina and three sons Jaron, Jadon and Jordan
  • Favorite Sports team: University of Kentucky
  • Favorite Frito Lay product: He eats them all but Fritos might be his favorite.
  • Movie: “Spider-Man”
  • TV: He watches sports and shows like “Psyche” and “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • Books: Bill Brooks’ “The Journey of Jim Glass” and Matt Braun’s Luke Starbuck books. He likes reading westerns.
  • Hobbies: He’s trying to start a small farm at his home and enjoys fishing, golf and hiking. He recently began squirrel hunting with his youngest son.
  • Church: Cox attends First Christian Church and plays on the church basketball league.