Dec. 10, 2012: Our readers write

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Concerning makers and takers

Mr. Jim Waters says that everyone is either a maker or a taker. He first complains of government interference, which supposedly impedes their business and hurts their profits. The track record for these “producers” is not that great. Without so-called government interference they are allowed to pollute our air, water and soil with impunity. They can despoil our atmosphere and then leave it to the taxpayers, via super-funds, etc., to clean up their mess. I wonder how many of your readers knows what the term “whip-sawing” means. Whip-sawing is the practice by companies to pit one community against another. Generally, before they even act they already know where they wish to move their facility. However, making it a competition between one community that never had any chance of attracting this business and their intended target is used as leverage to force the “winning” community to give up any hopes of drawing any worthwhile amount of revenue for its constituents or to allow a decent livable wage for those hired.

The free market is another subject Mr. Waters likes to harp on. The free market is a total myth. If these people actually support the free market why do they not complain about corporate welfare, such as subsidies for big pharma, big agra, and the oil industry? All make big money and big profits, and yet they receive big government subsidies. Are they not takers? Aren’t those the same wealthy people, excuse me makers, who take their profits and hide them in the Cayman Islands, or in Swiss bank accounts? Aren’t they actually stealing from the American people? Doesn’t that make them the biggest takers of all? Until people on the lower wrung of society can earn a livable wage they will have to survive with a little help from the government. Wal-Mart Inc. is a prime example; the company makes billions but leaves it to taxpayers to subsidize its employees for healthcare, and other needs. Mr. Waters, you undoubtedly are sincere in your beliefs but they make my head want to explode.

Steven L. Wright