Dec. 12, 2013: Our readers write

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Parrett praised for focusing on merit

State Sen. Dennis Parrett is to be commended for his approach of voting on a bill based on its merits, not party lines. Now if more politicians would do likewise we may see some progress in government.

About 45 years ago, U.S. Sen. John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky took this approach and set an example which many others followed.

About the time when President Kennedy forced the Russians to remove missiles from Cuba, Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev said, “We don’t need to destroy you with missiles, you will destroy yourselves.”

Our government is so divided we can’t see that “united we stand; divided we fall.”

May we stop playing politics and start on the road of survival.

Thanks, Dennis, for your wake-up call.

W.R. Morgan

Vine Grove


Objects to how some view welfare

I am really fed up with liberal politicians who almost never talk about Jesus,  except to try to embarrass conservatives by claiming that Jesus would want them to take care of poor people by taxing people for “big brother” projects. Their policies get people addicted to free things they can get without working.

At the same time, they hope to lock many of them into voting for liberal politicians that keep the free stuff coming.

In my opinion,  Jesus wants all people to treat others as their brothers and sisters and freely help them by donating money, food, time, clothes, etc., and loving others as they love themselves. It hardly seems to be Christian charity to pay taxes in order to avoid going to jail.

In my experience, I often feel guilty for not giving more to help needy people. I never feel guilty about telling my tax preparer to make sure I pay as little as I can legally. Much of our tax money goes to waste, fraud and abuse, and for programs that lock people onto welfare programs for generations of families.

The government needs to help poor people by helping those people who are able to work, to get off welfare and to help them to see welfare as  temporary while they are finding a job.

We also need to encourage families to stay together, instead of men leaving their families so mothers can get more welfare.

Bill Ball