Dec. 13, 2012: Our readers write

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Many hands make greatness possible

The gates of the Elizabethtown Nature Park and Hardin County Veterans Tribute are open to the public and with the holidays now upon us cause many local residents to reflect on the blessings they have received during the past year.

I have been blessed to have the support of my wife, Donna Broadway, and three friends, Mary Smith and Sandy and Rik Hawkins to dare to think and voice a desire for a living symbol to honor and thank all the men and women in the five military branches and their civilian counter parts supporting military operations through civil service employment.

I would also like to give a big “Thank You” to Rich Griendling for his fine artistic work with the tribute. He really did take this project to the next level.

It has been through the gifts of these people and the contributions of the countless donors that the Hardin County Veterans Tribute now stands as a living testament of all men and women, living and deceased, who have contributed their all for our country’s well-being and for our person freedoms.

I feel like a proud father. I have watched the birth, growth and final graduation of the tribute into the working mainstream of our community as its own functional entity.

And like a proud father, I look forward to seeing it serve the public well and perhaps even grow as others work with it to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.

I have much to celebrate this holiday season, family, friends and a community whose unending support, hard work and ceaseless dedication to veterans has culminated in the realization of my own personal dram. I hope you will take time to visit the Hardin County Veterans Tribute and thank those who sacrifice lives and fortunes to defend freedom.

Gary Broadway
Vine Grove

GOP must expand its range

In the 1980s and ‘90s, two outstanding Republican legislators, Sen. Bob Dole and Rep. Jack Kemp, often called for their party to reach out to African-Americans and other minorities. The GOP failed to heed the wise counsel of Dole and Kemp and as a result the party is reaping infighting and disarray within its ranks.

What makes Florida Sen. Mark Rubio and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan think they and the Republican Party can accomplish today what statesmen Dole and Kemp couldn’t? As long as the Republican Party maintains its “party of the rich” image and promotes its “tax cuts for the rich” economic policy, little change, if any, will occur within the party enabling it to appeal to the 98 percent.

Talk is cheap, but the GOP should discuss openly, honestly and seriously what it needs to do to have a shot of being a majority party again. It must reach out to people of color, women, gays and lesbians, and show compassion for the poor.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.