Dec. 30, 2012: Our readers write

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Cure the disease

Again we are faced with the senseless killing of innocent people, and for what reason?

Immediately in times like these, people start making rash statements about how such horrendous acts of violence can be stopped. Will gun control stop such violence? Will banning the sale of fertilizer prevent another Timothy McVeigh from building a bomb and blowing up a building and killing hundreds? Or will banning airplanes prevent another terrorist attack that could kill thousands?

The truth is, our country is sick and our young people have very little to look forward to. The uncertainty of our future weights heavy on those expected to pick up the ball and carry it forward into the next generation.

Many parents have failed miserably in rearing their children. Christian values and moral standards no longer are deemed important. Children do not know how to win or to lose gracefully. In today’s politically correct environment, we don’t keep score when competing, so everyone is a winner.

Well, everyone is not a winner, and the sooner we learn that, the better off we will be and the easier it is for us to accept the hand we are dealt.

We have a responsibility to our children to cure the sickness in this country and the world. Everyone needs to get more involved and make their voices heard.

We need to teach our young people the meaning of responsibility and set an example of high moral standards and Christian values. We need to be more involved in the lives of our young people and let them know we are working to ensure they have the very best possible future.

People who have hope and faith in their future and in the future of this country will not feel the futility that may cause them to strike out against others.

Maxine Healey


Don’t forget to vote

Shortly we will have an important election in Elizabethtown that has had little press or public discussion. We will be voting for or against having “beer joints,” “gin mills,” taverns, clubs or whatever you want to call them. The proponents of these establishments say this will improve our economy and create jobs.

The only economic improvement will come from the profits made by those who own these places, and some of the jobs created will be for extra police officers we will have to hire to handle the problems these businesses cause. There certainly will be an increase in underage drinking, public drunkenness, bar fights, DUIs and the resulting crashes and injuries related to drunken driving.

If we wish to have a beer or drink and socialize, you can go to just about any restaurant in town. Although a bar or tavern certainly is a good place to socialize, the base attraction is drinking alcohol, and to many it is the only reason for being there.

Althought most people I know are against beer joints and taverns, history has shown that most people fail to vote in off-year referendums such as this. That is why the sponsors of opening these types of establishments are confident it will pass. So just remember: Failing to vote is the same as a yes vote for bars and taverns.

Mel Miller