Dec. 30, 2013: Our readers write

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By The Staff

Understand basis for Phil’s beliefs

If you know who Phil Robertson is, then you know enough to read this letter. If you don’t know, then you can stop reading here. Phil Robertson, from all I have read, is a religious person whose beliefs are deeply rooted in his reading of the Bible.

Many people consider the holy book to be inspired by God. Others think it is the absolute word of God. Phil Robertson was only reciting what the Bible states, “Homosexuality is a sin.” If I believe in the Bible and I state “homosexuality is an abomination and a sin,” I am only repeating what I have read in the Bible. Not in just one passage, but in several in both the Old and New Testament, you will find passages condemning the act.

Many news people have been quoting Luke to justify criticism of Phil. You know, the old “judge not” thing. If you know that, you probably know what the wages of sin are. So I am wondering why all the criticism of Phil and why was he suspended?

His critics say he is an intolerant man. I say it is his critics that are being intolerant. They are showing intolerance toward Christian beliefs and also are trying to place limits on his freedom of speech.

Any way you look at this, the truth is the Bible condemns homosexual acts as a sin.

You also should know there are no big sins and little sins, all sins are the same. However, one of the big ones is to bear false witness against another. By calling Phil names and labeling him a bigot or extremist because he believes, could this be being a false witness?

L.E. Wright

Echoing views of previous writer

I just want to say amen to the letter from Pinky Bilz published Dec. 18 titled “Obama gang immune to facts.”

And to quote it, “As always, remember, don’t blame me, I did not vote for him.”

Howard Skaggs