Decking the halls with florist Barbara Morgan

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By Becca Owsley

Barbara Morgan of Stephensburg has loved working with flowers since her youth. On visits to her grandmother's home, she gathered wildflowers and cedar limbs to arrange in old coffee cans. Morgan loved walking through the woods, looking at the wildflowers and moss on the trees.


She’s grown that love of flowers and plant life into a 21-year career as a florist. Morgan and her husband, Jimmy, have owned The Rosey Posey Florist in Elizabethtown for 16 years.

This time of year, her shop is filled with the sights of Christmas. For two and a half weeks, Morgan and her grandchildren decorated her shop for Christmas.

Trees, greenery and flower arrangements fill the shop with Christmas cheer.

She spends so much time getting her business ready for Christmas, she doesn’t feel like decorating when she gets home, she said.

But she loves this time of year.

“It bothers me when we have to take it all down because it’s always so pretty and bright,” she said.

Sometimes she’s called upon to help decorate the homes of her clients and when she does it’s almost as much work as a wedding, Morgan said.

She incorporates what the client has in the home with what she can do. It takes a lot of organizing and “pre-vision,” she said.

The first tip she offered for people decorating their home is to pick a theme. Many use snowmen, angels or a country look, she said.

Weaving ribbons into decorations can add color, and adding glitter to anything can really make it stand out, she said.

Deco mesh is a big trend now, Morgan said. It is used in decorations and used to make wreathes.

One of the eye-catching decorations in her shop is a snowman made from three deco meshed wreaths, top hat and buttons.

Burlap is another trend she sees often. Getting away from typical Christmas colors is also popular, she said. Many of her clients use bright colors such as lime green and turquoise in their decorations.

“Basically, go with what your inner person wants,” Morgan said.

Using lots of lights is another easy way to make holiday décor pop, she said.

Some strings of lights are battery powered and can be used in table top decorations.

For the door, using swags, often made of deco mesh, with items weaved into it are popular. Sometimes the swags are longer, even measure the length of the door, she said.

Requests for seasonal flower arrangements usually include pinecones, jingle bells and other holiday trinkets. The container at Christmas time is almost as important as the flowers because it is usually decorative and can be reused, Morgan said.

Christmas is a busy time but Valentine’s Day is still the busiest day of the year for Morgan, who often sleeps in the shop to get those arrangements ready, she said.

There also are those who still come in at the last minute, forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day. Helping these people, mostly men, get something together for their special someone makes her think she might have kept a relationship together. Morgan also helps keep many husbands out of the doghouse when they remember an anniversary at the last minute, she said.

She wants to be there for her clients any time they need her, especially for sympathy work.

“I enjoy helping people during their sorrow and happiness,” she said.

Morgan stresses to her employees that these flowers are meaningful for someone and they need to do it right.

“Do the arrangement the way you would want to receive it,” she tells her employees, adding her goal is to put herself in her customer’s shoes.

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Getting to know Barbara Morgan:
Favorite movie:
“Steel Magnolias”
Age: 63
Family: Husband, Jimmy, three children and eight grandchildren
Favorite TV show: “NCIS”
Pets: A Jack Russell named Bandit who is smart and spoiled
Favorite music: Oldies
Valley Creek Baptist
Favorite flower: Orchids
Volunteer work: She helps out when she can at Woodland Terrace Nursing Home,where her mother resides.
Hobbies: Reading, favorite author is Danielle Steele
At Christmas: She loves to be with her family.