Discussing flags, tweets and funnies

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Editor discusses decisions and solicits input

By Ben Sheroan

As the community offers its appreciation this week to Vietnam veterans through an assortment of ceremonies, The News-Enterprise has committed to an ongoing tribute to veterans, public servants and others deserving recognition.

The newspaper will display a notification on the front page when the federal or state governments announce a formal period of mourning that require the American flag to be displayed at half staff.

We hope this helps transmit the information to businesses, organizations and individuals proudly flying Old Glory. It also will inform the public as to why the flags are flying in that manner and who is being honored.

The first example appeared on the corner of Wednesday’s front page. Gov. Steve Beshear ordered the honor on behalf of a fallen Fort Campbell soldier.

The newspaper always seeks to reflect its community. With our military personnel and wealth of veterans, this idea seemed more than appropriate. We trust it will be something our readers appreciate and come to anticipate.

On behalf of The News-Enterprise, I would like to thank Norman Walters for the suggestion. A military retiree and Vietnam veteran, he cares deeply about today’s military and that kinship is reflected in his resolve on this issue.

We salute Mr. Walters for an idea that fits our community and provides the paper with an effective means to serve.

ONLINE. Speaking of change, technology continues to alter how people interact. The latest means the paper is using to effectively and immediately inform our customers is Twitter.

As the dominate source of local news, The News-Enterprise continually is working to provide detailed news and information in both our print and online editions. By signing up for Twitter tweets, you’ll be sent updates and headlines with links that bring the details to you.

The paper has a growing presence on Facebook as well. We invite the technologically savvy to relate to us in many forms.

If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate. Our e-mail addresses are attached to each story and department heads are listed on Page A2 of the print edition daily. You may choose to interact through opportunities at thenewsenterprise.com, Facebook or tweet us @NEheadlines. Also, we still answer the telephone and open mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

We trust you become better by engaging with the newspaper and the information it offers. We know that we become better when you engage us in conversation or share your input.

FUNNIES. Today’s online poll question is a direct request for input. The Cathy comic strip, which has been part of this paper for more than two decades, is going out of production Oct. 3.

In reviewing possible replacements, an emphasis was made on maintaining the female perspective and voice that made Cathy effective. All four of the samples have female creators and primarily focus on female characters.

All this week, examples of four replacement possibilities have been displayed in the paper. Now it’s time to select your favorite.

Hundreds of possible comic features are available but space only allows for a few dozen to find a home. If you have other favorites and want to influence choices, a special e-mail address has been created. Express yourself at comics@thenewsenterprise.com.

Ben Sheroan is editor of The News-Enterprise. He can be reached at bsheroan@thenewsenterprise.com or (270) 505-1764.