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Dec. 2, 2012

The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

Timmy Eldon Miller Sr., 54, Leitchfield, and Kristi Michelle Ashlock, 42, Vine Grove. Married 17 years.

Ray McCollom, 34, Elizabethtown, and Pong K. McCollom, 44, Radcliff. Married four years.

Gregory Paul Gordon, 38, Taylorsville, and brandy Renee Thompson, 32, Sonora. Married seven years.

Joseph Y. Fowler, 55, and Gail L. Sanchez, 55, both of Vine Grove. Married 32 years.

Tom Edward Evans, 42, Evansville, Ind., and Alexandra Hahn, 38, Elizabethtown. Married 20 years.

Kenneth Gadin Hunter, 41, Citrus Heights, Calif., and Pamula Carol Masterson, 31, Brandenburg. Married five years.

Joshua James Thibodeaux, 28, Radcliff, and Jessica Carmen McNulty, 27, Varnville, S.C. Married one year.

Christian Calais Clark, 31, and Kristin Marie O’Mara, 28, both of Elizabethtown. Married six years.

Craig L. Jaquin, 41, and Trista D. Moritz, 41, both of Radcliff. Married 13 years.

William Francis Ross, 37, Crestwood, and Mieke Anne Stoneham Ross, 39, LaGrange. Married three years.

John Daniel Smith, 27, and Kendra Campbell, 25, both of Elizabethtown. Married four years.

William Chase Clark, 30, Upton, and Brandy Howell, 28, Sonora. Married four years.

Alex Archillia Burgos, 34, Elizabethtown, and Rose Mary Pena Cruz, 32, Royal Garden, Puerto Rico. Married 16 years.

Tracy M. Poddam, 38, Elizabethtown, and April Russelburg, 32, Rineyville. Married eight years.

Mark A. Fraze, 49, and Tracey Johnson, 49, both of Elizabethtown. Married 28 years.

Joshua Allen Boone, 24, and Kara Lyn Roberts, 25, both of Fort Knox. Married four years.

Glen Christopher Batinger, 41, Radcliff, and Vicky Ann Ingalls, 38, Rineyville. Married 19 years.

Laterrion Deshae Taylor, 26, Killeen, Texas, and Billie Jean Taylor, 26, Vine Grove. Married two years.

Matthew Eric Oliver, 39, and Suzanne Alexandra Taylor, 27, both of Fort Knox. Married seven years.