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May 19, 2013

The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

Harold Jarvis Johnson, 39, Eastview, and Stephanie G. Johnson, 41, Upton. Married 20 years.

James Harper, 32, Radcliff, and Anna Edwards, 31, Columbia, S.C. Married 10 years.

Wally Black, 46, and Cynthia Behringer, 53, both of Elizabethtown. Married 12 years.

Ralph Keith Rigdon, 41, and Carla Adana Rigdon, 36, both of Munfordville. Married seven years.

Scott A. Saucer, 36, and Mary M. Marr, 44, both of Vine Grove. Married one year.

Jon Drake, 40, Louisville, and Marilyn Marszalek, 42, Schererville, Ind. Married 12 years.

Donald Corbin, 35, Louisville, and Kristi Miller, 38, Shepherdsville. Married two years.

Andy Ryan Faulk, 24, Radcliff, and Autumn Timber Wiseman, 23, Nicholasville. Married one year.

John F. Shea, 47, Cecilia, and Lisa J. Samples, 45, Radcliff. Married 21 years.

Charles S. Saling II, 48, Daytona Beach, Fla., and Tammy D. Blake, 40, Sonora. Married 20 years.

Joshua Luis San Nicholas Santos, 29, Brunswick, Ga., and Michelle Theobald, 27, Radcliff. Married six years.

Joseph Ramon Hodge, 26, Radcliff, and Heather Lynn Price, 31, Vine Grove. married six years.

Keith A. Holley, 34, Fairbanks, Alaska, and Brandi E. Castillo, 33, Radcliff. Married three years.

Raul Carrasquillo, 43, and Kristie Collins, 48, both of Vine Grove. Married 16 years.

Richard Amadon, 44, Radcliff, and Valeria Waldock, 41, Elizabethtown. Married 18 years.

Nathan Kedrick Shreve, 28, and Sara E. Carr, 27, both of Rineyville. Married nine years.

Robert Christopher Perkins, 30, Muldraugh, and Jaelynn Marie Bartel, 25, Fort Knox. Married six years.

Jeremy Scott Gibson, 34, Temple, Ga., and Lanette Angel Seacrist, 34, Elizabethtown. Married nine months.

Matthew Newcomb, 23, Radcliff, and Brittney Newcomb, 23, Nashville, Tenn. Married four years.

Joseph L. Squire, 47, Tulsa, Okla., and Emmajean L. Lopez, 43, Radcliff. Married nine years.

Ethan Edward Schweitzer, 33, Newton, N.H., and Carolyn Anne Taylor, 35, Radcliff. Married three years.

Luther Evans Raymond, 28, Fort Knox, and Diane Garrett Angela, 41, Radcliff. Married five months.