Don't be distracted by gamefowl talk

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Editorial: March 12, 2014

ISSUE: 18th District House race

OUR VIEW: Don't get distracted by cockfight question

The campaign for the Republican primary race in Kentucky’s 18th House District recently hit a rather strange note.
Candidate Craig Davis took U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell to task for supporting the recently enacted federal farm bill.
One of the biggest measures that comes before Congress, among other things, it sets subsidy levels for crops and commodities, funds the food stamp program; shifts risk away from farmers, and sets food policy for the next five years. It determines what labels appear on food and, to a large degree, what you’ll pay for milk, sugar and corn products.
But much to Craig Davis’ dismay, it also makes it a felony to attend a cockfight or any other induced fight involving kept animals.
Davis, who is president of the United Gamefowl Breeders Association, says that issue should be left to the states and that the federal government is  destroying the “culture and heritage” of breeders.
States’ rights are a serious issue with serious repercussions. The Affordable Care Art, same-sex marriage, education standards and unfunded mandates are among the most notable issues. Animal fighting? Not so much.
Maybe there is a large voter constituency ready to stand behind animal fighting — Davis claims he can take 60,000 votes away from McConnell over the issue — but it seems unlikely.
Wisely, Davis’ opponents for the House seat, which covers all of Grayson County and a sliver of west and central Hardin County, have declined to be drawn into the discussion.
We hope voters do the same, because there are more serious issues to be considered.

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