Dow Corning plant's impact spans 50 years

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Column by Pat Dean, Dow Corning site manager

This is an exciting time for both Dow Corning and the Elizabethtown plant. Our company is celebrating its 70th anniversary and the Elizabethtown plant is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Dow Corning is the world leader in silicone products and the Elizabethtown plant focuses on silicone polymers, coatings and sealants production. 

Our place in the community has evolved significantly over the years. We started with a handful of employees in a little building in downtown E’town. Over the years, we’ve grown in product diversity, global impact and our physical plant. 

The support of the community, our larger corporation and our employees over the decades has been key to our longevity in Elizabethtown. 

Today, this plant provides products to the construction, solar, automotive and pavement markets just to name a few. Our products have been used to construct some of the largest buildings in the world, sealing out the weather. We make products used to coat automobile airbags, to restore and maintain Mount Rushmore, and some were even used on the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty. In this timeframe, there has been large innovation in the technology and chemistries used to manufacture our products. 

Like all manufacturing businesses, when the world changes, you must change also. We’ve been able to embrace new challenges, bringing new processes, products and automation to the plant over the year to drive improved safety, quality and productivity. 

It’s exciting to think about what the next 50 years will reveal for product and technologies available to make them.I am sure our employees will be up to the challenge. I am personally honored to be the site manager during this time to celebrate 50 years of operation. As we have prepared to celebrate, the rich history and sense of community has been strongly apparent to me. 

So many great stories have surfaced as we’ve reminisced with the pictures of the past employees, retirees and their families. 

I truly feel fortunate to be a part of this Dow Corning family created by the Elizabethtown community and families over the generations.

Pat Dean is Dow Corning 

site manager.