EIS expects same staffing levels next year

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By Kelly Cantrall

Elizabethtown Independent Schools’ staffing level is expected to remain steady for the upcoming school year.

The EIS board Tuesday night approved tentative staffing allocations for the 2014-15 school year and a new policy to determine staffing levels.

Staffing levels will remain unchanged for the most part, with the exception of an instructional aid position that will be eliminated from each school.
The new policy offers a template to determine the number of staff members for each school, Superintendent Jon Ballard said. It includes the number of administrators, student-to-teacher ratio, and includes other positions such as library media specialists and academic interventionists.
Previously, positions such as an interventionist were added by board decisions, Ballard said. The policy creates a more standardized formula for hiring and gives the schools more autonomy in making staffing decisions. Schools receive money for each position, but administrators and site-based decision making councils have some flexibility in how the money will be used for staffing. For example, instead of a school hiring a reading coach by a board decision, the council can decide that employee also will have other responsibilities.
The final decision on staffing allocations will be delivered to the schools by May, Ballard said.
Ballard said while staffing levels would remain stable for the coming school year, the budget forecast for following school years could mean cuts will need to be made in some areas.
Ballard said he is taking a close look at the district’s programs, and much will depend on budget decisions made by the state legislature.
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