Election filings: May 20 primary

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Races not subject to a primary have August filing deadline

By The News-Enterprise

The deadline to file for most public offices passed Tuesday afternoon. This updated list of candidate filings reflects information from the Hardin County Clerk and the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office.

The primary election will be conducted May 20.

Municipal races in Elizabethtown, Sonora, Upton and West Point plus school board seats are not subject to the primary and have until Aug. 12 to file for the general election.

Harry Berry-Republican
Arthur Bobby Hurley Jr.-Republican
J.J. Duvall-Democrat
Timothy Hinson-Democrat

Property Valuation Administrator
Danny Hutcherson-Democrat

County Clerk
Sandra “Sandy” Byerly-Republican
Dwayne E. Mollison Sr.-Republican
Debbie Donnelly-Democrat
Bruce Reeves-Democrat

County Attorney
Jenny Oldham-Democrat

Harry M. Braxton Jr.-Republican
Louis Grider-Republican
Clifford “Bud” Baumgardner-Democrat
John Ward-Democrat

Patrick "Mac" McElvaney-Republican
Danny Allen-Democrat

William Lee-Democrat

Eric Spurrier-Democrat


Magistrate/Justice of the Peace
District 1

Curtis Brunson-Democrat
Roy Easter-Democrat
Don Yates-Democrat
District 2
Kenneth Saltsman-Republican
Douglas H. Goodman-Democrat
District 3
Lisa Williams-Republican
Steve Brown-Democrat
James L. Prentice Jr.-Democrat
District 4
Fred Clem-Republican
Glenn Ross-Republican
Jimmy Jenkins-Democrat
District 5
William Wiseman-Democrat
District 6
E.G. Thompson-Republican
Mike Blankenship-Democrat
Kendrick Bryan-Democrat
Tom Jaggers-Democrat
Gerald Lush-Democrat
Francis L. Simpson-Democrat
District 7
Dwight C. Morgan-Republican
Mark A. Barrett-Republican
David R. Riddle-Republican
District 8
Garry King-Democrat
Jim Wimp-Democrat

District 1
Kenneth L. Lucey-Republican
Dennis M. Blair-Democrat
Brian James Bennett-Democrat
District 2
Michael A. Bava Sr.-Republican
District 3
Doug Sprowls-Republican
Edward Lamar Jones-Democrat
District 4
Steve Bratcher-Republican
Gerry Perkins-Republican
Lester Eugene Hack-Democrat
Randell R. Morris-Democrat
District 5
L. Mark McNutt-Democrat
District 6

Sylvester Bennett-Democrat
John K. Dahlhauser-Democrat
District 7

Frank S. Anglin-Republican
Judy Moser Bland-Republican
Richard “Dickie” Rogers-Democrat
District 8

Frank W. Donehoo-Republican
Ronald P. Graham-Democrat
Alan D. New-Democrat



Jacob L. Pearman
Mike Weaver
City Council
Barbara Baker
Jerry Brown
Dodd L. Caudill
Joseph Chung
Gloria L. Fite
Jack Holland
Stan Holmes
Lina Howard
Thomas A. Moors
Doug Moulton
Edward L. Palmer
Michael Radford
Victoria Sanderson-Thompson
Don Shaw
Lance Shore
Terrell "T.W." Shortt
Kim Thompson
Kathy M. Williams
Christopher D. Yates


Garry McCoy
Blake Proffitt
Joe Walker
City Council
Donna J. Betson
Kristofor King
Kathleen “Kathy” Sisco
Donna Spangenberger
Keena Straney
Thomas “Tom” Summers
Robert “Bob” Woosley


Division 3
Linda A. Collins


Circuit Judge 9th/2nd District
Ken M. Howard
Circuit Judge 9th/3rd District
Kelly Mark Easton
Circuit Judge Family Court 9th/1st Division
Pamela Addington
Dawn Lonneman Blair
Circuit Judge Family Court 9th/4th Division
M. Brent Hall
District Judge 9th District/1st Division
John David Simcoe
District Judge 9th District/2nd Division
Kim Winkenhofer Shumate


State Senate
10th District
Dennis Parrett, D, Elizabethtown


State Representatives
10th District
(Breckinridge, Hancock, part of Hardin)
Alan Claypool, R, McDaniels
Brian Key, R, Hardinsburg
Jerry Lloyd Lucas, R, Vine Grove
Dean Schamore, D, Hardinsburg
18th District (Grayson, part of Hardin)
Craig Davis, R, Leitchfield
Stephen L. Meredith, R, Leitchfield
Tim Moore, R, Elizabethtown
21st District (Hart, Metcalfe, Monroe, part of Hardin)
Joe Choate, D, Munfordville
Bart Rowland, R, Tompkinsville
24th District (LaRue, Green and Marion)
Amber Rogers Dones, R, Hodgenville
J. Alex LaRue, R, Hodgenville
Richard Treitz, R, Greensburg
Terry Mills, D, Lebanon
25th District
(Hardin County)
Jim DuPlessis, R, Elizabethtown
Glenn Fonda, D, Elizabethtown
Jimmie Lee, D, Elizabethtown
26th District (Bullitt, part of Hardin)
Russell Webber, R, Shepherdsville
Alex Wimsatt, R, Mount Washington
J. Scott Wantland, D, Shepherdsville
27th District
(Meade, part of Hardin)
Rachelle Frazier, R, Brandenburg
Jeff Greer, D, Brandenburg


U.S. Representative
2nd Congressional District
Brett Guthrie, R, Bowling Green
Ron Leach, D, Brandenburg


U.S. Senator
Matt Bevin, R, Louisville
James Bradley Copas, R, Lexington
Mitch McConnell, R, Louisville
Chris Payne, R, Salvisa
Shawna Sterling, R, Sharpsburg
Burrell Charles Farnsley, D, Louisville
Alison Lundergan Grimes, D, Lexington
Gregory Brent Leichty, D, Louisville
Tom Recktenwald, D, Louisville