Elizabethtown author publishes supernatural novel

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By Robert Villanueva

Elizabethtown author Tabitha Douglas found inspiration for her novel “Master Bloodline” while asleep.

“I had a weird dream that I thought would make a good story beginning,” she said.

Douglas, 20, wrote down the dream and began “expanding on it,” she said.

That was several years ago.

“I actually started writing the book my freshman year of high school and finished it in my sophomore year,” said Douglas, a Central Hardin High School graduate.

After being encouraged by one of her teachers, Douglas sent out the manuscript, seeking publication. She was unsuccessful, but early last year, she received a call from Tate Publishing offering to publish her novel.

“Master Bloodline” was published Dec. 17. The story concerns two brothers who end up being turned into vampires and the subsequent events when the older brother ends up missing.

Douglas, who is dual-enrolled at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and the ECTC campus of Western Kentucky University, has been writing fiction as early as the third grade. At that age, she wrote a story she later turned in with her seventh-grade portfolio.

It was about 73 single-spaced pages.

“It was an alien story,” she said.

Over the years, authors such as J.K. Rowling and Darren Shan have influenced Douglas. Though it wasn’t always that way, she now writes mostly supernatural and horror fiction.

The writing process for Douglas involved typing her story on the computer while also using the computer to play music, which she uses as inspiration and plays in repeat mode.

School keeps her busy, so she’s finding less time to write, but she hasn’t stopped.

“I am working on another book,” Douglas said. “It has a little bit to do with how the first one ended.”

When she finishes college, Douglas plans to be a middle school science teacher. That’s a backup plan if a career as a writer doesn’t work out, she said.

That doesn’t mean she’ll stop writing, though.

“I’m always going to be writing,” she said.

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