Elizabethtown couple married at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11

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By Amber Coulter

Greg Smith of Elizabethtown is happy about his wedding date.


“Now I’ll always be out of hot water remembering the anniversary date,” he said.

Valette Smith, whose last name was Steen until Friday, said that’s one of the reasons the couple decided to begin their wedding at 11:11 a.m. on Nov. 11, which is numerically 11-11-11.

“We knew it would be an easy day to remember,” she said, laughing.

Getting married that day seemed like a neat idea and had the added bonus of landing on Veterans Day, the couple said. It was fitting because of the proximity of Fort Knox and because Greg is retired from the U.S. Army, Valette said.

He spent 20 years in departments such as artillery and recruiting. He now is a recruiter with a business contracting with Fort Knox.

The couple’s relationship even had a patriotic beginning.

Valette said a mutual friend introduced them when they were each helping with a Fourth of July event in 2010 at Severns Valley Baptist Church on Ring Road in Elizabethtown, where the couple married Friday.

“He told my mother the night he met her that he saw fireworks the first night he met me,” she said.

The idea to get married on a numbered day came up when Valette was talking to a coworker whose cousin had gotten married on Sept. 10, numerically 9-10-11.

The coworker said Valette should get married on Nov. 11, but that plan was complicated by Greg having not yet proposed.

He asked Valette to marry him three and a half weeks ago after his grandmother’s funeral.

“He hadn’t planned on asking me that day,” she said. “He said it just came out.”

The couple got a ring later that night and decided Nov. 11 sounded like a good day to meet at the altar, especially since Valette thought she knew what she wanted for her wedding.

Everything seemed to line up for the wedding planned in an unusually short time.

The church and pastor of choice were available. The honeymoon location the couple wanted to visit in Lucas had an opening.

There also was a good crowd watching the wedding on the church’s stairs from the banister above and chairs set up below, Valette said.
“I’m just so glad,” she said. “Everything turned out perfect.”

Nov. 11 was considered by many to be a lucky day to get married, and some of the couples’ friends suggested they buy a lottery ticket.

Valette thinks they’re lucky simply to have each other.

“He’s amazing,” she said. “He is the best gift God ever gave me.”

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