Entitle Direct

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By The Staff

EnTitle Insurance Company (which has been underwriting title insurance for 30 years and is rated A’ by Demotech) has developed a digital platform—ENTITLE DIRECT—to educate and empower consumers to monitor their home closings and save on their title insurance.

In Kentucky, ENTITLE DIRECT’s premium rates are 35 percent lower than those offered by other title insurance companies in the state. This will result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings on closing costs for home purchases and refinances. For example, in Kentucky last year, title insurance premiums totaled $64 million.1 Through ENTITLE DIRECT consumers could have saved $22 million on those premiums.

Typically, title insurance companies and their agents work directly with realtors, attorneys or lenders, who order the title search and title insurance on a customer’s behalf early in the closing process (and often without the customer’s knowledge). This insurance is required by virtually every lender before it will lend money (for either purchases or refinances), and the consumer pays for the insurance at closing. But what consumers don’t know is that title agents may take, on average, a commission that is 70-90 percent of the premium.

For more information about ENTITLE DIRECT, please visit www.entitledirect.com http://www.entitledirect.com.