E'town finalizes park sponsorship with HMH

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Trainers are on site participating in events

By Marty Finley

With the season now in full swing, Elizabethtown has finalized an agreement with Hardin Memorial Health regarding athletic training services at Elizabethtown Sports Park.

Park Director Seth Breitner said the deal has a value of $77,000, $60,000 of which is annual sponsorship funding provided to the city. The proposal is a slight tweak from the $55,000 in sponsor money originally offered by the hospital and approved by Elizabethtown City Council. The agreement is for three years.

Breitner said HMH trainers are now on site for scheduled tournaments and games.

The remaining $17,000 will be paid to HMH by the city and can be generated through rental fees charged by the park to hosting organizations that require athletic training services, Breitner said. More than 50 events are scheduled this season and almost all weekends are booked between March and December, he said.

For the sponsorship, HMH has access to the park for events and training seminars, has arranged first aid stations around the park and is allowed to place promotional materials and supplies around the park. HMH also pledges to hold periodic educational seminars for athletes, coaches and parents.

The agreement dictates that no direct competitor to any HMH service line can gain sponsorship rights to the Miracle Field, a field designed specifically for disabled athletes, Breitner said. The city maintains naming rights to the field.

HMH also has agreed to offer additional trainers if needed at a rate of $25 per hour, another tweak from the original proposal, which did not stipulate a fixed rate.

The changes agreed upon roughly mirror the terms of a rival proposal made by the Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team. Like the modified HMH plan, KORT offered $60,000 in annual sponsorship funding and an hourly rate of $25 for additional trainers. That proposal was rejected by the council in favor of the deal offered by HMH. Council members who voted in favor of the HMH deal said they preferred the hospital’s services because the park had established a relationship with their trainers during its inaugural season last year.

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