E.W. James sells package liquor license

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Buyer remains confidential but will have to advertise intent to apply for license

By Marty Finley

Elizabethtown Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator Tom Reynolds said E.W. James & Sons Supermarket has sold its package liquor license for its former St. John Road location in a confidential transaction

“They haven’t told me who to yet,” he said. Reynolds was informed by the company the license has been placed in escrow.

The buyer of the license can remain confidential up until the moment it advertises its intent to apply for the license, which is required by state law, he said. The same review process adhered to for new applicants will be applied to the buyer’s application.

State oversight ensures an individual or company cannot purchase a license and place a package liquor store anywhere it chooses, he said.

State law also allows an owner to place a license into dormancy for up to a year, which means the license can be retained without being actively used. Reynolds said he does not believe the license would sit idle that long because the buyer will want to recoup money from the purchase.

E.W. James & Sons closed its Elizabethtown store late last year because of an inability to keep pace with growing competition