Fair arrives for 50th time

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Editorial: July 5, 2013

ISSUE: Hardin County Fair
OUR VIEW: It is a tradition

We are so close to the kickoff of the 50th Hardin County Fair that you can taste the hot buttered corn on on a stick.

Coming off a year where the event was named the 2012 Most Progressive Fair might be a challenge for most organizers, but not the Hardin County Fair Board. In fact, new attractions have been added this year to the myriad of contests, midway rides and various shows including free monster truck rides, No Jo’s Circus and the first Ugly Lamp contest.

So dig into your storage area and find that lamp that you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw away, you could have a winner.

Beginning Monday and running through next Saturday, you will have the opportunity to eat corndogs, popcorn and funnel cakes all while enjoying the schedule of entertainment and the exhibits.

The fairgrounds off U.S. 31W south of Elizabethtown will come alive once again with something for everyone to enjoy. It truly is a celebration of our lifestyle, our interests, our hobbies and our passion to share with one another.

County fairs represent a tradition and are a glimpse of days gone by, when your parents would take you to fill your stomach with tasty food, let you ride whatever you wanted, and then topped it off with a stuffed animal from a carnival games. You would get to walk through all the exhibits that ranged from animals to quilts and if you were patient enough you could get the biggest stack of cotton candy ever made.

There is something very comforting when you know what to expect. While the local fair sits atop the list of county fairs in Kentucky, the basic format never changes. There always are rides, carnival games, food, entertainment and exhibits.

The fair gives all of us the chance to think back to our own childhood and the numerous fair escapades. There’s an old saying that is applicable to the fair, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” and it is safe to say the Hardin County Fair isn’t broke.

Today we live in a high-tech world of emails, text messages and smart phones, so how could tossing a ring around the neck of a soda bottle at the fair be so much fun? We just can’t resist hurling baseballs at stacked milk bottles to win a toy bear so big that you have to tie it to the roof of the car just to get it home. Give us a two-foot corndog, an 80-ounce soda, some cheesy fries, and a bucket of ice cream and we are happy campers. That is until we get on “The Zipper,” where we are instantly reminded that we ate too much.

What really makes the Hardin County Fair work is the volunteers who step up every year to do their part. These volunteers care about Hardin County, the fair, but most of all about the people they help serve. Take the time this year, make it a point to thank a volunteer.

Most of all have fun, be safe, eat stuff that you shouldn’t and celebrate with your neighbors.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise’s editorial board.