Feb. 10, 2013: Our readers write

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Standing by the Scouts

In the midst of the swirling maelstrom that is engulfing the Boy Scouts of America today, I wish to offer some words of encouragement to those Eagle Scouts, and aspirants to that lofty rank, who have held fast to the values and beliefs upon which that institution was founded: Take heart and be proud.

While others who have worn your badge of rank have turned against their own, stay strong in your convictions. Those who would curry favor from popular opinion and shifting political winds by their John Kerry-like actions of discarding their Eagle medals were never truly deserving of the title. They were merely pretenders. So take heart in the knowledge the oath you pledged to friends, fellow Scouts, family and yourself is truly an honorable one. Be proud of what the Eagle rank stands for, and know that it is not the emblem you wear or the medal you display that has meaning. The meaning is carried in your heart, your loyalty to your oath, and your actions that confirm your commitment to living a life of higher standards.

I was saddened, as I am sure you were, to see a young man wearing the uniform of Scouting as he derided the organization for not ‘being in the 21st Century’. “…values have changed…” he said. My personal reply to that assertion would be that while the values of men may change, the values of God do not.

At present, the road ahead may be dimly lit, and storm fronts may threaten, but you are Eagles. You have weathered many such menacing times before on your path to the summit and come through them stronger for the tests. I have faith that you will, in the words of Lincoln, “…with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right…” never waver in your beliefs.

Charles Boles