Feb. 12, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff

 Continuing legacy

The Hardin County education community recently lost a champion in Ernest Thro. His dedication to the betterment of our children was unparalleled and will be greatly missed.

But his legacy lives on, as evidenced by contributions that more than a dozen local people and businesses made in his name to the Hardin County Educational Foundation since Mr. Thro’s death in December. In all, our organization has benefited to the tune of nearly $1,400. And the foundation’s board of directors collectively wants to thank those contributors, as well as Mr. Thro’s family, for asking those in the community to remember Ernest by contributing to our organization.

The money that has been given will be used to directly support Hardin County Schools’ educators in the form of grants aimed at chelping those in the classroom better educate our children.

Mr. Thro was known among his colleagues for his knack to land funding for the school district through persuasive grant-writing. We can think of no more fitting way to honor him than by helping those he worked tirelessly to support.

Steve Arel

President, HCEF


Lessons to learn

I have a new president, however, he isn’t starting off very well. Only a few days in the office and the Vatican has accused him of being arrogant. A few days later several leaders in Europe and the Mideast repeated it. That didn’t take long.

Immediately he executed an executive order to close Guantanamo, about the same time I saw a picture of some of the Fifth Fleet leaving the East Coast to go looking for pirates. I’d like to wish the sailors “good hunting,” and ask the president what is his Plan B to hold any pirates they may capture.

In campaign mode, our president indicated he is against gun ownership, but I have yet to hear his executive order for the Secret Service personnel to refrain from carrying weapons. Did I miss something?

For a belly laugh, does anyone think the president didn’t talk to his chief of staff or the Illinois governor on the subject of his replacement in the Senate? It didn’t take long for him to send someone to Iran intending to lay the groundwork for his talks with their leader. The request for a talk didn’t go anywhere, but he got a policy lecture. So much for his unqualified talks.

About the same time the request for talks was going on, Iran launched a satellite. While little is known about the communications satellite, it is the ability to orbit a satellite that is of concern to the Pentagon and most Americans as they realize that if Iran can orbit a satellite, it can drop a nuke anywhere. Feel safer? Would one think that warrantless wiretaps, trash talk, has some connection here?

History has proved a bailout “spending bill” will not put people to work. President Roosevelt tried it in the ’30s. Research yielded the following: Unemployment in 1930 was 8.9 percent, in 1931 was 16.3 percent, in 1932 was 24.1 percent and stayed in the triple digits until 1941 when it fell to 9.9 percent. How many times have you heard that our current rate — 7.6 percent — is nearing the Great Depression? Speaker Nancy Pelosi has twice said that we could lose “500 million jobs a month” if we don’t pass the stimulus bill immediately. Is that spin? Who is believable?

Then, there is Obama’s ongoing struggle with confirmation of his cabinet. It is a ways from being complete and the president has already stated “I screwed up.” There’s something mildly refreshing about hearing a president spontaneously admit that he screwed up, yet, admitting mistakes is less important than making good decisions in the future, and evidence suggests that Obama has not learned his lesson.

Bill Beckerdite