Feb. 12, 2012: Our readers write

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Choice or prison
Why would some students want to drop out before age 18? Perhaps because they can’t read or don’t know their multiplcation tables and take almost nothing from classes except being self-labeled as dummies, day after day. Bright spots for them may be when they can get others to laugh or otherwise waste time. So why should schools be financially rewarded for forcefully keeping disrupters until age 18, damaging the learning opportunities of real students?
In some states there are charter schools for visual learners, which many disrupters are. Some charter schools focus on teaching a trade or concentrating on music or business skills. Students might flock to such charter schools, rather than being nothing but disrupters and prisoners in schools they don’t like. Offering choices would be like free enterprise, like shopping at the mall instead of being forced to accept one option offered by the government monopoly.
My mother taught me to value education, bless her. My brothers became dentists and a medical doctor, while I promote nuclear power, smaller, constitutional government and even individual school choices.
Steven C. Barrowes

A wonderful couple, a great community to live in
It is just another day for our peaceful surroundings. There is not much going on except for children catching buses or parents taking children to school. Trash day came recently and the streets were filled with refuse to be picked up. This group of neighbors polices our area well. I want to say thanks to all my neighbors on Sandra Court in Radcliff.
Rose and I want to express for the umpteenth time our great debt of gratitude and affection for Erica and Leon Faulk who do so much for society. Erica, the lady of the house, takes care of Leon.  At the same time she is a care taker for numerous exotic birds and homeless dogs. She refers to her pets as her babies and they are priceless family. She is truly exceptional and fun to be around. Leon retired from the military and is taking care of veterans through the Vietnam Veterans Association. He is committed, dedicated and 100 percent dependable. If it’s up to him, no veterans will be left behind. Leon cares for his neighbors as well, for no pay.
The seasons are always noted at Erica’s house. There are beautiful flowers, immaculate lawn and figurines with lighting out front. Leon constantly pushes his mower ensuring a standard for the cul-de-sac is set. Radcliff residents beware, Leon has his eye on the yard of the month sign again.
Lastly, Erica’s is the place we all meet for celebrations on special occasions. What a host Erica is. She manages to take care of large crowds. Her demeanor is infectious. The way she can work a crowd reminds me of a politician running for office. The best thing about being with Erica and Leon is they allow you to come over for very good cooking and a lot of camaraderie. Rose and I enjoy the parties.
Leon does not slow down. Although retired, his ambition is to help others. His first priority is Erica. They have tireless energy to serve the community, help others and take care of abandoned pets. Rose and I have been blessed with their friendship for many years and look forward to many more.
Lastly, to all of the residents on Sandra Court and those adjacent to us on Wilma Avenue, it is an honor and privilege to be your neighbor. Rose and I look forward to 2012. May God Bless all of you.
Rose and Ronnie Davis