Feb. 19, 2012: Our readers write

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Frankfort needs a new perspective
Redistricting has overshadowed every issue during this legislative session.
The Kentucky General Assembly has been in session since January and legislators have allowed redistricting to be a priority over important concerns such as education and job growth.
Bryan filed to compete for a seat in the State House of Representatives and Hardin County voters should consider his platform.
Bryan is a 2005 graduate of Central Hardin High School and a 2009 graduate of Western Kentucky University. He currently serves as the WKU student body vice president.
Bryan offers a clear stance on campaign contributions. He refuses to accept money from political action committees or special interest groups. He also refuses to sponsor negative advertisements.
If elected, Bryan intends to sponsor essay contests, geography challenges, mock elections, slogan contests and spelling bees for local students.
The first-time candidate also understands voters value accountability and transparency, which is why he pledges to debut a website for the district. The page would feature his voting record, a log of office visitors, a budget outline for the district office and local employment opportunities.
Our elected officials can do more to help the area’s unemployed individuals. Bryan is a major advocate of adult education and college affordability, and I know he would work to coordinate outstanding job fairs and town hall events.
On May 22, Hardin County residents should vote to “enhance the Heartland” by supporting Kendrick Bryan for state representative.
Lindsey Tharpe

Save it for patriots
It was appalling to see the front page question: “Do you think it is appropriate for states to order flags to be lowered when celebrity dies?”
My answer is no, because they did not sacrifice their lives for their god and country.
There have been many who died fighting for freedom or protecting civilians on the home front and what has the celebrity done for his or her country?
There have been many celebrities before my generation and nothing was done for them. They traveled overseas to entertain the troops, even being under fire or very close to it. The topper came when Gov. Chris Christie lowered the flags of New Jersey to pay tribute to Whitney Houston.  What has she done to help this country? Did she visit the troops overseas or even at home? 
Please, my vote on this issue is a 100 percent no and not appropriate.
George Pypiak