Feb. 19, 2014: Our readers write

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How economic development works

The Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation would like to thank The News-Enterprise editorial board for its interest and willingness to assist in economic development efforts in our community. The enthusiasm is duly noted, however, an explanation of how economic development projects develop might be helpful to your readers.

Economic development by its nature will always be newsworthy due to the fact that when efforts to create jobs are successful, the entire community and region benefit. EHCIF wants the community to know that we take every prospect seriously and work with those projects to make sure they get all of the information about our community they need.  

At any one time, the EHCIF is working with a number of clients who have expressed interest in our community. Those clients may come to us from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, one of many site consultants that we have relationships with, or one of our utility partners who are extremely important to our team.The economic development business relies on complete confidentiality between all parties. In many cases, we are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that can extend for several months or years even if the client does not choose our area. 

We are engaged in multiple forms of marketing as it relates to our sites and sites that are controlled by others in our community. We always want to be able to present all the available options to a client. We work very closely with the KCED and their representatives around the world to make sure that all sites in Hardin County are exposed to companies that may be looking at the U.S. and particularly Kentucky. These discussions are ongoing and can span for many years before a deal may come to fruition.

In this age of the internet and social media, prospects already have a window to our community.  One recent client (an international company) told us that their executive management team had been reading our local newspaper every day for more than three months.Our image is shaped by our everyday actions. People are watching. Let’s all remember that and continue positive discourse that leads to a better community.

The EHCIF wants to assure the community that we take seriously every project that has an interest in Kentucky. Even though we cannot often inform the public regarding prospective projects, be assured we are doing everything we can to accomplish our mission to create good jobs for our community.


R. Gregory Jenkins

Chairman of the Board


Richard A. Games