Feb. 24, 2012: Our readers write

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On firearms

For anyone who would like to hear a true progressive point of view on gun control, you need go no further than any of the YouTube videos of Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Colo. While speaking in favor of a bill that would ban armed citizens with state carry concealed weapons permits from any college campus in Colorado, Mr. Salazar took exception to the idea of a woman using a firearm to protect herself from a rapist. He felt that safe zones, call boxes and whistles were more than adequate protection for a woman being attacked. Besides, he doubted whether a woman would really know if she were in danger and might shoot someone by mistake.

Once the uproar over his blatantly offensive remarks hit the Internet, he was quick to apologize. This doesn’t change the fact of how we are seen by the social elitists of the left. Because in their eyes we are incapable of taking care of ourselves, they want to control us far beyond the simple ownership and legal use of firearms. That gun control laws like the one passed in Colorado only makes life safer for the criminals is of no consequence to those bent on social engineering. They will cast a blind eye to the fact that criminals and the mentally ill disregard the law while demanding gun free zones. And then when a killer takes advantage of the situation, the liberal mainstream media will spotlight the weapon used while making little of the fact that the person may have been mentally ill.

If you want to be the one in control of yourself and your firearms, not the government, then you might want to check out the GOP at www.hardingop.com.

Kenneth L. Randall

Concerned with policy

I am utterly disgusted with your policy for publishing letters. You see fit to print letters from Harry Braxton, Ken Randall and one or two others who discuss the inequities of the Obama administration. These individuals use the same arguments that I do, maybe with not as much feeling, but with the same arguments nonetheless. In my mind, your paper has joined the love affair with President Barack Obama and his gang that the mainstream news organizations have. What makes your position disgusting is, that unless I get the news paper from the Courier Journal in Louisville, you are the only source, as liberal as it is.

I wrote you once before about censoring my letters and trying to take away my right to freedom of speech and promote my opinions. It does no harm to your paper when I provide my name and city for publication. It is not you who are held personally responsible by your neighbors for opinions. I have a thick skin when it comes to my opinions, and can take any kind of guff when I state them. If it was not for my spouse, I would have canceled my subscription a long time ago.

I know that you all may think that I am a radical, right-wing Republican, but there are also those who are radical, left wing liberals. Notice what is the main topic in the news today.

You printed an article that some civilians at Fort Knox may have their work hours cut by 20 percent because of the sequestration. You may be surprised to know it was Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi who put the sequestration option on the table. Obama is trying every way he can to put the blame on the Republicans, but the facts do not bear him out. Obama has never taken responsibility for anything bad he has proposed. He and the rest of the radical, left wing liberals have blamed former President George W. Bush for all of it.

He called Bush un-American because of a $4 trillion deficit over eight years. The fact the president put $6 trillion in deficit in just four years is not discussed by anyone, nor is it brought out by any of the liberal news organizations.

The nation is still waiting to find out what happened at the consulate in Benghazi, but the administration continues to hide the information.

Like I said once before, “Be careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get.” When Obama’s real agenda starts, “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.”

Pinky Bilz