Feb. 27, 2013: Our readers write

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On new school name choices

I was rather taken aback with the news the new Hardin County elementary school would be named Cecilia Valley Elementary School. Having lived in Cecilia for several years, and the fact my son attended Howevalley Elementary throughout his elementary years, plus being a volunteer parent, I am rather baffled by the choice of that name in lieu of Cecilia Elementary School.

Howevalley Elementary was built in the settlement of Howevalley, thus the name. It is a true valley. There is no valley in Cecilia. In fact, it is probably one of the highest topographic locations in this area. Howevalley has long been a school steeped in tradition and fine education, but so have the other schools that have been replaced and they were not paid homage to by adding a link to their original name.

It is not too late to correct what I and most other people I have talked to in this area think is a mistake. In fact, one of the best known companies in our state just reversed a controversial decision this week. Besides, do we really want generations of students being taught improper geography when they look at the name of their school?

Judy Bland


Leading by the nose is unnecessary

While watching TV waiting for my prime time show, “Gold Lookers,” to come on I finally got fed up and wrote in here.

The first show had 1/4 of the screen bottom blocked out with a pan of gold, telling me what show was coming up. It was very distracting, especially because most cable companies have a TV guide. Then, in the corner, a graphic told me what show I was watching.

I was watching it. Why tell me what it was? Then it told me what channel I was watching. I mean, good lord, are we so stupid we don’t even know what channel we turned on or show we were watching?

Then my show came on. The first 3 minutes showed what was going to happen on the episode I was about to watch. Then the opening credits, then commercials.

The show finally started with all the above garbage still going on plus candy commercials on the bottom of the screen. When it came time for the first commercial, the show told me what

was going to happen after the break.

If I am watching the show, I don’t need a spoiler alert to keep watching it.

Then, when the show came back on, it had to show me what happened before the three minutes of commercials.

Don’t they think I can remember what I just watched three minutes before. Every commercial did that while, during the show, they had the gold on the bottom of the screen, telling me what channel I was watching and generally making a nuisance.

Whatever happened to just showing the show and letting the audience figure it out? If I am so senile,

stupid or brain damaged that I need someone to tell me everything I am doing I should be in a home care facility.

Imagine you are at your favorite steakhouse. You order your appetizer, steak and dessert. While eating your steak, here comes your

waitress telling you, “Hi, you are eating a steak.” One minute later she comes back and tells you, “Hi, you are at steakhouse, coming up next is the pie you ordered.”

Would any of you put up with that more than once? Yet we do it every day with all the TV channels.

I have no clue who to write to complain, like it would do any good. If I had any sense I would go to the library or gym instead of sitting in front of the TV every night.

Jeffrey Podsobinski


Economic panics

First we had the fiscal cliff doomsday scare. Right after that we dealt with the debt ceiling panic. Now we face yet another economic catastrophe this week with sequestration. Meanwhile we haven’t had a budget passed in more than four years, so we’re operating the government on one continuing resolution after another.

Instead of leadership from Washington, we get more of the same rhetoric and hyperbole that results in the non-action of simply kicking the can down the road.

Just a small sampling of the economic numbers easily reveals unless we veer from our current track there will be a train wreck. The national debt is fast approaching $17 trillion. That amounts a debt burden of $52,562 per citizen of the United States including every man, woman and child, or $146,570 per taxpayer.

The Wall Street Journal says we have more than $86 billion in unfunded liabilities. We currently borrow 46 cents on every dollar the federal government spends. And yet, the U.S. Treasury Department says federal spending per person has risen more than $822 per person since 2008 and continues to rise.

The Food Stamp program alone has increased more than 70 percent the last four years, and according to Congressional Budget Office numbers, we added more than 11,000 people per day to the roles from January 2009 to October 2012.

We could go on, but it’s obvious we’re on an unsustainable path. We simply can’t keep spending money we don’t have and expect not to pay the consequences at some point. The government can’t spend the nation into prosperity.

Unless our elected officials, from the pesident on down, start acting like statesmen and stop acting like politicians, there will continue to be a major economic crisis every couple of months until the bottom really does drop out. Leadership takes courage, which seems to be a rare commodity in the media-dominated political arena these days.

George Gootee