Feb. 8, 2009: Our readers write

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By The Staff


Generators and an Obamarama

After being off the air cybernetically for a week, I can get back to voicing my opinions.

David McCullum has it right. As an Electric Power Lineman in the U. S. Air Force for 24 years, I am extremely aware of what the crews from LG&E, Nolin RECC and Kentucky Utilities went through these past few days. The comradery, close working relationships, trust and ability to help each other in times of need was demonstrated by crews coming from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and other areas to help repair the massive damage caused by the storm.

Before anybody complains about how long it took to restore their power, remember the crews who worked day and night in freezing temperatures. The complexity of an electrical distribution system, the safety requirements of the job, and the damage that occured was not repaired with the snap of a finger or turning on one switch.

That said, there is now a major problem that was addressed in the paper. If I read the article correctly, the water companies felt it unnessary to purchase standby generators for the plants that “may be used every five years or so when disasters hit.” They mentioned that should problems arise, they could always tap into the water system from Fort Knox. What if Fort Knox was not here?

I can tell you that at every Air Force Base, standby generators are placed at hospitals, command posts, sewage lift stations and water pumping stations. These generators are inspected every month, started and put under load. There is no thought of “will we need this in one, or five, or thirty years from now?”

I also noticed in my January bill that charges for water and sewer have gone up. I certainly hope that when the question comes up again, the water companies will not hesitate to “waste” the funds for generators. Let the new housing contractors and people who build personal homes foot the bill for installing water to their places.

Now to my favorite subject. I see where Sherry Keith Kelley continues to spread the same old democratic party dogma. You people bought the election in November, why do you still bash President Bush? I use the term “bought” because Mr. Obamarama said he would abide by the mandated federal funding for campaigns. When he found out how many brainwashed people would throw away their money, he quickly changed his tune. If I gave you one dollar to vote for me and my neighbor gave you two dollars to vote for him, who would you vote for?

Ms. Kelley says “The times they are a-changin.” When Mr. Obamarama institutes his socialistic policies, I will be proud of my bumper sticker: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Mc Cain.”

For those who are relishing in the closure of Guantanamo Bay, what would happen if the terrorists were subjected to the democratic dogma day after day after day. Talk about inhuman treatment and torture.

Pinky Bilz


  Kudos to Vine Grove residents

During the recent ice storm I could not have been more proud to be a resident of Vine Grove.  City Hall immediately became a central command post, and then a shelter.  Our police, fire, and public works forces worked tirelessly throughout the time, and continue to do so for the cleanup.  Office personnel worked on phones, along with many volunteers, checking on others, giving out water, setting up a shelter, with food being dropped off, and countless other ways.  I would not even attempt to name any—too many—and would not want to omit anyone.  Vine Grove epitomized the “old-fashioned, neighbor taking care of neighbor, kind of town”.  Great job, everybody.

Donna Betson

Vine Grove City Council