Fifth-graders earn praise for policy

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Editorial: July 10, 2012

By Jeff D'Alessio

TOPIC: Students change policy
OUR VIEW: Youth rewarded for effort, creativity

Ever wonder what the changes our youth can have on society? Take a look then at last year’s fifth-grade students at Meadow View Elementary School in Radcliff.

The students recently earned the school’s second straight Project Citizen state championship and took it upon themselves to change school district policy in the process.

Meadow View students decided they would like to implement a change at a level of government and set about making a proposal for it. So they focused on promoting a policy to prohibit smoking on Hardin County Schools campuses.

The school board adopted the changes at its June board meeting, banning smoking on HCS property unless smokers are in their own vehicle. The changes capped a nearly year-long venture for students in their quest to make a difference.

It started in September with students learning about the policy the district had in place, which included rules about how far smokers needed to be away from buildings when smoking.

In April, students competed at the district level with the highest score earning state champion honors. For the second year in a row, students at Meadow View Elementary School can take a bow has reigning above all.

These students challenged not only a policy, but themselves in trying to promote change.

Teacher Laureen Laumeyer, who worked with the children on the project, said: “I think our future is in good shape if we have these 10-year-olds coming up.”

We agree.

Let this be a lesson learned for other students, regardless of age. Students at Meadow View Elementary have paved the way for many others to follow.

Students can make a difference in our local schools and communities.

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