Film provides opinions about Affordable Care Act

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Free showing of 'The Determinators' scheduled Friday night

By Ben Sheroan

A local resident, who is ineligible to vote in the election, is responsible for scheduling a free showing of a film with a point of view about presidential politics.

Hans Marsen said he became frustrated trying to explain his opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act passed into law at the urging of President Barack Obama. He decided that showing “The Determinators” will help others understand his view.

The 57-minute documentary-style film will be shown at 7 p.m. Friday at the Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown. Marsen arranged to get a copy of the film and raised money from “some doctor friends” to rent the theater and pay for printing and distribution of flyers.

The film, which is distributed by Tea Party Patriots’ organization, says quality and availability of care and access to physicians will be controlled by government under Obamacare because “whoever pays holds the power to decide.”

It includes interviews with Dr. C.L. Gray of Physicians for Reform; Kathryn Serkes of the Doctor Patient Medical Association; Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute; Eric O’Keefe of Health Care Compact and Sally C. Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute and the author of “The Truth about Obamacare.”

Although Marsen is active in the state Tea Party Patriots organization, he said his work to provide this public showing is not a result of the organization but a personal mission.

“Having 650 people in the theater to see this, that’s what motivates me,” he said.

Marsen, who was born in Poland and raised in Germany, is a naturalized British citizen. He became enamored with America’s open governmental system when on a vacation in California and later moved to the states.

Because he is not a U.S. citizen and unable to vote, he said he hopes to “influence 10 people to vote” on his behalf.

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