First day of school emotional for kindergarten parents

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By Anna Taylor

Andy Moberly took his daughter, Rachel Moberly, to school Wednesday at Panther Academy and stayed with her through breakfast before leaving for work. Moberly has two older sons who already went through kindergarten, but found this day to be a new experience.


“It’s very different,” he said. “She’s more shy and doesn’t want me to leave.”

Rachel confirmed that when she told her father, “I want to stay with you,” during breakfast in the cafeteria Wednesday.

Rachel also is Moberly first child to attend Panther Academy; his sons attended Hardin County Schools.

“It’s kind of bittersweet because it’s the last kindergarten experience,” he said.

Wednesday morning brought tears, laughter and a mix of emotions out of new kindergarten students and their parents throughout Hardin County as they started their first year of school.

For Janita Branch, it was like going through “separation” as Elijah Branch, her oldest son, started kindergarten.

“He’s just getting closer to the day he’s going to leave,” Branch said.

Elijah didn’t share his mother’s feelings as he focused his attention on his cereal with chocolate milk.

Janita Branch said her younger son attends Elizabethtown Christian Academy and getting ready Wednesday morning was chaotic.

Holly Kisamore took her niece, Gracie Walberg, to school. Kisamore, Gracie’s legal guardian, said the first day was not anything out of routine because Gracie is already familiar with Panther Academy.

“She’s spent the past two years in preschool here,” Kisamore said.

Gracie was excited to start kindergarten because it meant she could carry her Disney princess backpack, which she wore proudly.

Brittany Adams brought her son Ayden Jackson to school, which was a bigger deal for her than it was for him.

“He’s my baby,” Adams said. “He’s growing up and doesn’t need me as much.”

Adams said she has another son in the Head Start Program.

“I’m not going to have any kids at the house,” she said. “I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Stephanie Puckett can relate to other parents.

She wiped tears from her eyes as she was leaving the kindergarten classroom where her son, Derek, is enrolled at Lakewood Elementary School in Stephensburg. Puckett said Derek has an older sister who also attends the school.

“They were excited this morning,” Puckett said. “This is a new school. Last year they were at Howevalley.”

Although Derek did not want his mother to leave, Stephanie said she knows he will be fine knowing his sister is there.

“It will be easier too when I’m not here to pick them up and they ride the bus,” she said.

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