Fort Knox soldier teaches students Army values

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Turret Staff Writer
Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage are the seven Core Army Values. One Fort Knox soldier, Cpl. Christopher Reed, is upholding those values and passing them on to a younger generation.
Twice a month, Reed volunteers at Macdonald Intermediate School teaching a sixth-grade class about Army values and how they’re applicable outside the military. He didn’t hesitate to take the assignment when the opportunity was presented to members of the 19th Engineer Battalion.
“I like working with kids, so I volunteered,” Reed said.
The 23-year-old corporal said the kids originally were a little hesitant and didn’t talk much during his first few visits, but now they seem to look forward to it.
Macdonald Principal Youlanda Washington said Reed is involved in the Project Leadership program and not only spends time getting to know the sixth grade class that he adopted,  but incorporates Army values through reading from the Book of Virtues — a book filled with morality tales.
His latest trip to the school involved teaching students how to be a “good sport” when playing sports.
“They wanted to know how to play certain games, so he had other soldiers come with him and they did sportsmanship training with (the kids),” Washington said. “Then they actually played dodge ball. But he was teaching them more about (good sportsmanship) — not just saying you’re going to be a good sport, but really working through your moments of frustration and being a gracious winner.”
She also explained how Reed is scheduled to volunteer for the rest of the school year, focusing on helping children succeed and making the right choices.
Reed, who was raised in Memphis, Tenn., admitted he was a bit of a troublemaker in his high school years and didn’t feel mature enough to continue his education into college. An Army recruiter helped point him in the right direction and, a month after he graduated from high school, he was in basic training.  He wants to make sure he helps the sixth graders to learn leadership and show them that they can succeed.
He also likes to step up whenever there is a need for assistance with a project or other volunteer opportunity within the battalion.
Battalion Commander Lt. Col. David Ray is a big supporter of community service and brings volunteer opportunities to his soldiers on a regular basis, said 1st Lt. Damian Krebsbach, the battalion’s adjutant.
“(Lt. Col. Ray) put a big emphasis on getting soldiers and the battalion to give back to the community that supported us while we were (deployed),” Krebsbach added.