Free GED test offers valuable second chance

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Editorial: April 10, 2011

ISSUE: GED is free through June 30
OUR VIEW: Access opens doors to opportunities

A good education is a vital foundation for a good life.

Not everyone makes the most of their opportunities in school. For some who underestimated the value of education during their teen years, or who experienced circumstances that represented such difficulty that couldn’t be overcome at the time, life’s hard lessons often cause them to re-evaluate.

The General Educational Development certification offers a second chance. And for the next three months that second chance is free.

A $55 fee for the GED test is being waived through June 30. Kentucky Adult Education, part of the Council on Postsecondary Education, temporarily is picking up the cost.

Local testing centers are taking advantage of the waiver to make it easier for residents to obtain a GED, a high school equivalency diploma. Local testing centers are offering practice tests to help interested test-takers prepare.

A GED can open the door to greater job opportunities and a college education.

Offering free access makes sense in the face of a struggling national economic recovery, which applies its greatest pressure on the most vulnerable people.

Education is becoming more important in our complex world and therefore more valuable.

It’s important to recognize, while free, this service has value. Having nothing invested financially should not be an excuse for wasting the time of program administrators and test proctors by not coming prepared to excel.


To sign up for a GED class or a practice test in Hardin County, call (270) 769-8866. In LaRue County, call (270) 358-8334.

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