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Editorial: Jan. 10, 2014

ISSUE: Partnership brings endowment to CASA
OUR VIEW: Fund builds stability for a worthy cause

For a nonprofit organization, an endowment is a significant milestone. Making an initial investment, which will anchor the fund forever, and spending only earnings is an exciting step in securing an organization’s financial future.

A central Kentucky organization, CASA of the Heartland, recently celebrated this achievement.

The group partnered with Central Kentucky Community Foundation to create the fund. The foundation will assist by matching $1,000 raised for the endowment.

CASA, which stands for court-appointed special advocates, watch out for children involved in cases in Hardin County Family Court. They advocate for children until their cases are closed and they have settled into safe, permanent homes. Sometimes a CASA representative is the single constant adult presence for an abused or neglected child tangled in a court case.

Executive Director Sylvia Griendling noted children with CASA support are more likely to be adopted or have a plan for permanence and are less likely to spend time in long-term foster care or to re-enter foster care.

The group receives no state or federal money, relying on increasingly competitive grants and private donations. With a tight budget and strong volunteers, it provides services to a long list of children.

Another list of children, the waiting list, shows the organization would grow its impact with funding.

And that’s really why the new endowment is exciting.

An endowment provides stability. While CASA of the Heartland’s immediate financial needs are great, the endowment is a way for the group to look beyond the expenses of the day. The effort is starting small, but it eventually should create a helpful flow into CASA coffers. And years from now, leaders of this group will laud the vision.

Additionally, the endowment reveals leadership and a plan to be around for a long while. That can reassure donors who want their gift to have a lasting impact.

Further, for donors, Central Kentucky Community Foundation can help secure a state tax credit for up to 20 percent of their gift through the Endow Kentucky program.

Those considering a charitable gift are urged to consider the new endowment fund. It’s an opportunity to secure future support for some of Hardin County’s most vulnerable, most at-risk young residents.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise editorial board.