Gas prices higher in Hardin County than Louisville?!

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Strange that after the lanes on 31W opened that the price of regular unleaded gasoline spiked to $3.599 for a short time then settled to $3.459.  Usually it is Louisville that has the more higher price.  The average price in Louisville (http://www.louisvillegasprices.com/) shows 3.186.  And even with the enire state of Kentucky accounted, Hardin County is way above average.  There are less than five stations in the Louisville area that is posting the highest price at 3.799, but they also have some of the lowest prices at $3.099 or $3.069 (and even lower on the other side of the Ohio in Indiana). 

Marathon's monopoly on prices have a strangle hold on this state's fuel prices -- by looking at prices throughout the midwest states that Marathon delivers.