GED test format changing next year

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Cost of test to double in 2014

By Kelly Cantrall

People who have begun the General Education Development diploma process have 10 more months to complete it before they must begin again with the test.

After this year, the GED test content and format will change, and those who have passed portions of the test will have those scores rendered invalid if they don’t complete the entirety of the GED by the end of the year.

The 2002 Series of the GED expires at the end of the year. Luanne Barnes, coordinator for the GED testing center at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, said the test is updated periodically to reflect changes in curriculum. The new 2014 test will reflect new standards and the increased focus on college and career readiness.

Portions of the 2002 test no longer can be considered next year. There are five portions of the test — math, language arts/writing, science, social studies and reading.

Next year, the test will be administered solely on a computer. Currently, test-takers at the ECTC center have the option of a paper test or a computer test. The computer test costs $120 to the paper test’s $60 price tag.

Barnes said the complete switch to the computer is because test-takers have been having more success with that format, and they usually complete the test portions more quickly and receive the results sooner. Test-takers also can re-test six times in a year with the computer format, versus three times with the paper test.

Those who want to complete their GED or start the process, can call ECTC’s testing center at (270) 706-8492. Registration to take the test is noon Friday the week before any scheduled testing dates.

It takes seven and a half hours to complete the entire test, Barnes said. The test is given weekly at the center, generally on two days. It is occasionally offered fully in one day.

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