Getting on the Internet superhighway

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Hardin County Public Library offers free basic computer classes

By Robert Villanueva




ELIZABETHTOWN — For those who missed the on ramp to the Internet superhighway, the Hardin County Public Library is mapping out a route.

The library is offering a free four-part basic computer class.

“I usually have a waiting list,” Kim Bland, adult services librarian, said of the general response.

Registration begins 9 a.m. Monday. The class is restricted to 12 people.

“We have 12 computers in the computer lab, so that’s why,” Bland said.

The library has offered the class about four years, she said. And she has seen familiar faces.

“I’ve had people take it as many as five times,” Bland said.

Software and hardware upgrades and new technology bring people back because people have to re-learn how to use the updated systems.

“Things are always changing,” she said.

The classes begin Sept. 22 and are held 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They are offered free to the public.

Each three-hour class will address various areas of learning the computer. The first class focuses on learning about hardware, the keys and the operating system. But it also covers basics like how to turn on and shut down the computer and how to hold the mouse.

“We have a mouse exercise the first day,” Bland said.

The second class covers the Internet, using search engines and surfing Web sites, while the third class introduces participants to e-mail.

“…Which takes a bit longer because they actually have to set up an e-mail account,” Bland said.

The final class focuses on word processing, including creating and editing documents.

Most people taking the classes are retired or getting a new job, she said. Many times a person might be embarrassed to ask family members for help using a computer.

People don’t seem to have trouble learning during the classes, Bland said. She said the small class size and friendly setting might have something to do with that, since those who take the class often can help each other when needed and Bland can give close attention to each student.

By the time they are done, she said, most participants are confident about their basic computer skills.

“I think the main thing they get is that there’s nothing to be afraid of with the computer,” Bland said.

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BOX: Registration for the free four-part basic computer class begins 9 a.m. Monday. The four three-hour classes are limited to 12 people and begin Sept. 22. Anyone interested in registering should call Kim Bland at 769-6337.