GIRLS' PREP CROSS COUNTRY: Godfrey runs away with conference title (10/26)

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By Josh Claywell

If someone needs an entrant for a tough-guy – sorry, tough-gal – contest, just ask Elizabethtown seventh-grader Savannah Kingery.


During the start of Thursday’s Lincoln Trail Heartland Conference meet, a competitor stepped on Kingery’s shoe and inadvertently caused the youngster to fall to the ground.

Kingery suffered a couple of scrapes on the right side of her face, which was bruised afterward, but she managed to pick herself up, put her shoe back on and amazingly finish second to junior teammate Hannah Godfrey, who had yet another dominating race at the Brandenburg Telecom headquarters.

“I am so proud of her,” said Godfrey, who won in 19 minutes, 40.80 seconds. “It shows toughness and her wanting to do well for the team. It means a lot. It shows that you really want to do well.”

Knowing what had happened in the race’s first few meters, Godfrey went back to the finish line to watch for Kingery. Even Godfrey was surprised to see Kingery – who was checked on by two people near the starting line – finishing second just over a minute later.

Scared as she was, Kingery knew she had to dust herself off and finish. She had no aspirations of placing as high as she did; all she wanted to do was complete the race.

“When I turned around to pick my shoe up, I just saw all these people around me and it was really scary at first,” Kingery said. “(But) I knew that I wanted to try and catch up. My nose was really hurting, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch up. But I guess I had a lot of adrenaline from falling and getting back up, and everybody was yelling for me and it really helped.”

Central Hardin junior Abbie Chandler was in second until Kingery passed her.

Chandler wasn’t surprised she was passed, but was flabbergasted at who was passing her.

“I saw her drop her shoe at the start, and she still came in second,” Chandler said. “Next time I just won’t let her go. It won’t happen.”

Godfrey, ranked fourth in Class 2-A, breezed to another easy victory.

She led by 11 seconds in the first half-mile before extending her lead over Chandler and the pack to 21 seconds at the mile mark and 48 seconds with less than a mile left.

“I was feeling great and I ran my own race, which I need to do,” Godfrey said. “I need to do that more for myself to do well. It’s been tough this week, but I’m still working hard doing double practices.”

Chandler did all she could do to keep up with Godfrey, but couldn’t keep up the pace. Despite slipping to third, Chandler said she’s still pleased with the outcome.

“Before the first mile, I was really surprised I was second behind Hannah,” she said. “This whole season has been a sort of a tough one for me. I’m glad that I got this race in before region so I can be confident there. I credit my strong run to (North Hardin coach) John Russell. He told me ‘Just run, don’t think,’ and I was thinking that the whole time.”

Central Hardin won the team title with 43 points. Along with Chandler, senior Shelby Wade (fifth), junior Mackenzie Pennington (seventh) and eighth-grader Sydney Griswell (eighth) made the All-Conference Team.

Junior Kaylea Neal (sixth), sophomore Mary Kate Powers (10th) and freshmen Olivia Honaker (13th) and Hailey Blevins (14th) were All-Conference for Meade County, which was runner-up with 59 points.

Godfrey and Kingery were the only All-Conference members for third-place Elizabethtown, which had 66 points.

“This gives us a really good confidence boost, and should help the other girls on the team to want do well as well,” Godfrey said. “It shows that we can stay close together, not in packs necessarily, but we can come in one right after the other.”

Senior Carlie Core (fourth), junior Molly Haebig (ninth) and sophomore Kaitlyn Arel (11th) made All-Conference for John Hardin, which was fourth with 69 points.

Freshman Katie Gilbert (12th) was the only All-Conference member for fifth-place North Hardin, which scored 110 points.

The top 14 finishers earn All-Conference honors.

Josh Claywell can be reached at (270) 505-1752 or jclaywell@thenewsenterprise.com.


1. Central Hardin (43)

  3. Chandler, Abbie                         21:02.30

  5. Wade, Shelby                            21:24.80

  7. Pennington, Mackenzie                21:32.50

  8. Griswell, Sydney                         21:34.80

21. Briggs, Tori                               22:42.90

31. Chandler, Emily                          23:23.80

56. Martin, McKenna                        28:23.50

2. Meade County (59)

  6. Neal, Kaylea                              21:31.30

10. Powers, Mary Kate                      21:53.10

13. Honaker, Olivia                           22:08.70

14. Blevins, Hailey                           22:10.90

16. Greco, Alexis                              22:21.10

17. DeVries, Ellie                             22:28.70

20. Davis, Ashlee                             22:38.00

23. Fabel, Danielle                           22:44.90

25. King, Hannah                             22:58.90

30. Summitt, Emily                           23:23.10

33. West, Darla                               23:38.60

36. Jantzen, Abbigail                        24:10.80

37. Clater, Kelsey                            24:20.80

45. Fackler, Abbey                            24:55.70

50. Barnes, Erica                             26:52.60

55. Pipes, Chelsea                           27:38.10

59. Buttram, Camille                         29:01.80

3. Elizabethtown (66)

  1. Godfrey, Hannah                        19:40.80

  2. Kingery, Savannah                     20:56.50

15. Kuklinski, Taylor                         22:17.50

26. Ratliff, Claire                             23:01.90

28. Lawson, Vika                             23:16.40

34. Atcher, Courtney                         24:01.20

35. Lawson, Julia                             24:08.00

40. Young, Emma                             24:38.30

42. Cusick, Celia                             24:46.30

44. Pepper, Anna Cecile                    24:54.10

46. Pirtle, Caroline                           24:59.20

47. Snyder, Rebecca                        25:01.90

4. John Hardin (69)

  4. Core, Carlie                               21:22.30

  9. Haebig, Molly                             21:48.60

11. Arel, Kaitlyn                               22:03.70

22. Stafford, Jessica                        22:44.40

27. Atkins, Lyndsay                          23:07.90

32. Guzman, Crystal                         23:36.50

38. Bezhenar, Inna                           24:25.60

43. Canada, Sara                            24:50.70

53. Carter, Jasmine                          27:16.40

54. Whitaker, Katanna                      27:23.20

5. North Hardin (110)

12. Gilbert, Katie                             22:05.20

18. Shufelt, Jillian                            22:37.10

24. Shelby, Alexis                            22:49.70

29. Reed, LaShana                          23:20.20

41. Giron, Dina                                24:44.70

48. Emdee, Molly                             25:33.70

49. Mouser, Katie                            25:38.20

52. Jenkins, Tamira                          27:06.90

57. Caudill, Olivia                             28:53.40

X. Fort Knox (NTS)

19. Wynder, Taeisha                         22:37.80

39. Stephenson, Taylor                     24:34.80

51. Stephenson, Brenna                   27:05.10

58. Brown, Shannon                         28:54.10