Giving fitness to firefighters

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Mishell Nibert donates time, energy to Radcliff department

By Becca Owsley

Members of the Radcliff Fire Department have a name for personal trainer Mishell Nibert.


“We call her the ‘devil woman,’” Lt. Jared Boddy of the Radcliff Fire Department joked.

Boddy said the firefighters tease her a lot about the intense workout she puts them through.

“But really she’s absolutely amazing,” he said.

She’s a good natured person who has taken the department to a whole new level of fitness, he said. Nibert puts them through extreme training similar to what Boddy has seen on the extreme fitness programs on television.

“Anyone can go to the gym and bang weights together,” he said.

And she does it for the department free of charge. Boddy said she works around the department’s schedule, sometimes coming in after she’s worked third shift to train them.

At age 37, Nibert has been in the fitness industry for 20 years and a personal trainer for 15 years.

“Fitness is my life, I love it,” she said. “It’s a passion and I love to help people.”

Since August she has been the personal trainer for the Radcliff Fire Department, training about 15 firefighters.

She saw them coming into Snap Fitness, where she works, and asked if they wanted to workout with her as a trainer. Nibert noticed they’ve become stronger during the time she’s worked with them.

Most guys think they have to lift weights all the time to get stronger, she said adding there’s more to fitness than lifting weights.

She puts them through a boot camp workout to help with endurance, stamina, strength, cardio and anything else she can work on. She takes them beyond strength training to total fitness by changing up the routine each week and often taking them outside the gym setting.

Along with her job as a personal trainer Nibert works at UPS and is going to school to finish her bachelor’s degree in management.

At UPS, she is a supervisor in aircraft maintenance. If a plane is out of service, her task is to make sure the correct certified part get to the plane for repair. The part has to be applicable to the aircraft and she makes sure there are no issues that could negatively affect the aircraft.

With all she has to do, she said she sometimes requires non-stop energy to keep going, but has no idea where that energy comes from on those days.

The biggest fitness mistake she sees people make is crash dieting. They may lose weight at the beginning but will put it back on because it’s hard to eat that way the rest of your life, she said.

Nibert tells clients to eat healthier by changing eating habits and portion sizes instead of dieting. She also says it’s OK to have a cheat day and not totally deprive yourself of foods you like.

“I eat what I want,” she said. “I just don’t overdo it.”

When people lose weight too fast, their body doesn’t adapt, she said.

Half the people today have an overall better understanding of health and fitness but the other half still want to crash diet and drop pounds quickly.

For Nibert, the reward of being a personal trainer is in what she can do for others.

“The most satisfaction I get out of life is helping people,” she said.

Becca Owsley can be reached at (270) 505-1741 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

Getting to know Mishell Nibert

Music: Anything upbeat

Movie: Action movies, comedies

Television: NFL football

Sports: Denver Broncos

Family: She is an only child and her mom and dad still live in Radcliff.

Army: Her dad was in the U.S. Army. She lived in Fort Benning, Ga., Korea and Puerto Rico before her dad retired from Fort Knox.

Hobbies: Nibert loves to travel on the rare times she has time.