Got to be real: Can't get enough of new addition

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Yes, world, she is here. Lexi Grace landed all 6 pounds and 15 ounces of her in her daddy’s arms July 9.

As we gathered around the window at Hardin Memorial Hospital to view the newest member of our family, my heart was overwhelmed with joy, love and pride. I thought my first granddaughter, the things I want her to experience and the places I want her to go.

She was perfect in our sight. She had all 10 fingers and 10 toes, a set of dimples to die for and the most beautiful cut away eyes. We were not sure at that moment what color her eyes were going to be, but I assure you, they were wide open.

As I looked into the face of her daddy, my son, who is my youngest child, I saw the biggest, clearest tears that have ever been shed come out of his eyes and plop on Lexi’s forehead. Through the glass I mouthed to him, “She is beautiful and you will be a wonderful father.” Through his tears, all he could do was nod, never taking his gaze off his new bundle of joy.

As parents, we all want perfection in life for our children. In that moment, I knew perfection was achieved in my granddaughter for all who were there to celebrate her arrival into the world. I remember looking around and seeing balloons that read “Welcome Princess,” and royalty she is. She is adored by both families alike. We just can’t seem to get enough of her.

In the days that followed her arrival, I for one burned her eyes out with my iPhone camera. It was like having a porcelain doll to dress up almost on the hour. What I love to do to her most is find the biggest hair bow that money can buy and put it on her head. She is an official member of the Big Hair Bow Club.

She now is approaching her third month of life and she is living it to the fullest. She enjoys the outdoors on her other grandparents’ farm and watching the rooster and looking at the turtles. In our family, she has two dotting great-grandmothers, a great-granddaddy and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins. Then, of course, there is me, Granna and Granddaddy.

We trip over ourselves every day to see what new things she is doing. Her granddaddy wins out. She loves him. When she hears that deep voice, she starts kicking her legs and smiling.

He goes for her and as he gently lifts her into the air, he says, “Here comes Lexi Landing.” And, yes, she has landed straight into our hearts.

Shonna Sheckles lives in Bardstown and works in Elizabethtown.
She can be reached with reader comments at kyclassie78@hotmail.com.