Got to be Real: Manners, please

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I don’t know what has happened to manners in today’s society. Some people are so rude. I know we all have busy lives and sometimes unpleasant things happen to all of us. But you know what I called that? Life.

Life happens to all who are blessed enough to be above ground. Now, I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, because I do, but I try really hard not to let on to complete strangers. I guess I am on a soapbox about this because it seems I encounter bad attitudes that lead to bad manners almost every day, somewhere.

When I approach a checkout lane, I think I should be given the greeting of the day. Is that really asking a person to step outside the safety of their job description? I think not. I understand that in some situations a person might feel they are not being paid what they are worth, but is my name on your paycheck? No.

Now, when you enter some people’s lanes, they’ll talk your head off. I sometimes say to myself, “can I have your batteries, please?” In their defense, they are trying and I do appreciate their effort at providing quality customer service.

A few days ago, I used a dressing room at a store in my hometown. I did not hear the worker say “good afternoon, may I help you?” or even “how many items do you have?” She just looked at me as I was putting down an item I decided I could not try on — for it seemed the size of a box of Bayer aspirin and would not have fit me if I tried.

I tried on the clothes and exited the dressing room. Still, she stood there, mute and with a blank look on her face. I really started to say something to her about her lack of respect, but then I voted against it, thinking it truly wouldn’t do any good. You don’t reward bad behavior with more bad behavior, so I was the bigger person and walked away.

Please, ma’am. Please, sir. Everyone deserves to be respected and not treated in a rude manner.

Maybe if we all were more respectful of each other, we would enrich our lives a whole lot more. For starters, let’s smile so the world can smile back.

Shonna Sheckles lives in Bardstown and works in Elizabethtown. She can be reached with reader comments at kyclassie78@hotmail.com.