Got to be Real: Mothers always find a way

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Column by Shonna Sheckles

By Shonna Sheckles

In the past month from my kitchen window, I have noticed a robin flying back and forth under my patio carrying string, straw and whatever else it can find to build a nest.

The robin has chosen as its new home the very top rung of my husband’s ladder. The robin has worked so hard for at least two weeks. Finally, last Wednesday, I noticed a finished product. Not only had this mother robin provided a home for her soon to be offspring, she is very protective of her environment.

She has delivered her eggs and she sits there most of the day, just flying away to get some food and back she goes to tending her eggs.

I got to thinking that is exactly what most us do as mothers to human children. As a mother, I find myself trying to make a way out of no way for kids, always — from the moment they arrived on earth — trying to be that role model and to love, nurture and discipline them when needed.

Let’s just say, that discipline did not consist of, “I’m going to tell your father when he gets home.” It did not consist of twisted fingers, smacked faces, bruises or anything else that remotely could be considered child abuse, but I have spanked a couple butts and smacked some hands in my time. To me, that is part of the learning process — not everything is for little fingers to touch, and no means just that, no.

In today’s world, I see lots of young mothers being both Mama and Daddy. I applaud their efforts, for most are doing a bang up job. I know society says children need both a male and female role model — and yes, I can get on board with that — but sometimes certain situations require us to adjust accordingly. I also have seen some young men stepping up to the plate and being Mommy, too.

To be a mother is a very special thing and it requires a lot of hard work, molding and training little minds in the way that they should go.

Sunday is a day of honor for anyone who has taken the time to make a house a home, to attend school programs even when your child does not have the lead role and all the other things done in love. So, hats off to all mothers, expectant mothers, fathers standing in for mothers, and those special people who are mothers without biological children but have the heart of a mother.

Shonna Sheckles lives in Bardstown and works in Elizabethtown. She can be reached at kyclassie78@hotmail.com.