Greer serves as first lady of Milligan College

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Edwina Young Greer, a native of Elizabethtown, now serves as the first lady of Milligan College, a Christian liberal arts college located in Northeast Tennessee. Her husband, Dr. Bill Greer, was inaugurated as Milligan’s 15th president on Oct. 28. Edwina Greer presented her husband with the presidential robe during the formal installation service. Their sons, Logan and Jeremy, both Milligan students, carried the college’s banners during the inauguration.

The daughter of the late Edwin and Wanda Young, Greer and her family attended First Christian Church in Elizabethtown. After graduating from Elizabethtown High School in 1980, she began her college education at Elizabethtown Community College. She transferred to Milligan as a junior, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in 1984 and also met Bill Greer, a 1985 Milligan alumnus.

“While I was in the youth group at First Christian in Elizabethtown, I had a wonderful youth minister who took us on visits to different Christian colleges,” Edwina said. “I remember the trip we took to Milligan my junior year in high school. Milligan just felt right from the very beginning. I am so grateful for that experience because it planted a seed in my life. That visit eventually led to my Milligan education, my family and now to this next chapter as Milligan’s first lady.”

She plans to spend her first year as first lady getting to know the students, faculty and staff, as well as the areas where she can best focus her attention.

“This is a humbling and exciting time for our family,” she said. “It’s also a time when I am reminded of the many people—my parents, friends I grew up with, church members, teachers and others—who provided wonderful examples of servant-leadership to me. I am thankful for them and want to continue their example through my work at Milligan.”