Guy Wallace strives to repay hometown's kindness

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Physical therapist volunteers time as a team trainer for Elizabethtown High School’s football team

By Becca Owsley

Guy Wallace grew up in Elizabethtown and set out to give back to the community that was good to him in his childhood.


After attending Elizabethtown High School, Wallace studied biology at University of Louisville and then went on to physical therapy school.

He came back to Elizabethtown because he liked the community.

“The community was good to me as a youth and I thought I’d come back and be good to the community that was good to me,” Wallace said.

He worked with Hardin Memorial Hospital and then opened his own practice in 2001.

As a physical therapist, Wallace sees a lot of people who haven’t found anything else that works for them. His job is most fulfilling when he can help patients improve their quality of life.

Wallace gives back to his community serving on the Elizabethtown Independent Schools’ Board of Education and volunteering with the Elizabethtown High School football team.

He’s been with the team 15 seasons. Being around the players keeps him young, Wallace, 43, said.

He helps take care of injuries on the team along with a trainer from HMH and local doctors.

As a school board member and part of the team, he is proud of the high school’s new stadium, the Elizabethtown Athletic Complex.

“Supporters like Guy are one of the reasons E’town High School, and the school district for that part, is such a special place to be a part of,” head football coach Adam Billings said.

Wallace supports the team win or lose and is there for it any time there is something going on that benefits the kids, Billings said.

“It is one thing to be there on Friday night for a game, but he is around much more than that,” Billings said.

Billings said it’s an advantage for the team to have healthy kids and get back on the field, and Wallace does that for every player.

“If the kid is E’town, he is there to help him, regardless of his role on the team,” Billings said. “So I do not think it is so much that he gives so we can have some special football team. He gives so we can have some special kids and they have access to everything they need to be successful.”

Wallace’s wife, Brooke, said she thinks he learned a lot of his work ethic through sports. Wallace played baseball in high school and at the University of Louisville.

“He’s probably the hardest worker I know,” Brooke said. “Nothing is halfway with Guy. He’s either all or nothing.”

He gives everything 100 percent whether it’s coaching, work or parenting, she said.

Wallace coaches his daughters’ soccer team. Admitting he didn’t know much about soccer when he started, he said he’s there every game with his whiteboard in hand to run through plays. 

“He’s a good dad,” Brooke said.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1741 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

Getting to know Guy Wallace

Favorite movie: “The Natural”

Family: Wallace and his wife, Brooke, have four children: Langley, Campbell, Jagger and Canton.

Favorite book: “Good to Great”

Sports: Baseball is his favorite but he said admits it’s more fun to watch if you are at the game. He prefers high school games to college or professional.

Teams: University of Louisville basketball and football, he has season tickets.

Hobbies: He enjoys being outside and spending time fishing and swimming with his family.

Church: He attends Memorial United Methodist and plays basketball there during lunchtime.