Hardin County United has commissioned a study on consolidated government. What's your view on the subject of merger?

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Ben Sheroan
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See story online

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Not a Hot Topic

This is not a hot topic, just something the editor, Ben Sheroan, favors. I'd call it a dead, cold topic.

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People are afraid that after a merger their part of the county will be neglected and taxes will go up for pet projects of the leadership of the new entity.

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This is an example of bold-faced corruption. Usually corruption is hidden from the public, however; if you are not telling the public the truth or all the facts of your study and the purpose, cost, and all the other pertinent details prior to even asking the taxpayers to pay for such a study; then, this is an example of bold-faced corruption. Some people call it "smoke screens," some call it "conning the public," but, by far most call it for what it is "the same corrupt political regime that has had a hold on Hardin County for at least the past 5 decades. It begins like this proposed study but just telling you the "facts" that they want you to know all under the guise that it would benefit members of the county. In some cases in may benefit some members of the county but not those that live in the rural portions of the county. If it sounds like BS, if it smells like BS, then you can be pretty sure it is BS. Before you allow these corrupt politicians "run over you" again, do your homework. Demand answers as to cost, purpose, long range planning, true benefit to the county, are the other cities even interested in joining into a "County Merger?" If you remember back a couple of months ago, when this subject came up, most of the towns that would be in this "incorporated" form of government, made it extremely clear because they felt that it would not help their city, but, would only be to the benefit of Elizabethtown. Rememeber that? Do you honestly think that the "true" facts of this move has changed to the benefits of all the citizens of Hardin County just because it got "brought up again?" Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

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County Merger survey

I just noticed something. Why are some of these responses over 4 years old? If this was a story that was supposedly new to the paper, how did some people answer it four years before it was asked? That is confusing.

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N/E Either Lazy or Trying to Keep This Issue Alive

You are right. Now it's Dec, 2015 and it's still listed under hot topics. Either the N/E is too lazy to clean up its "Hot Topic" listings or wants to keep this issue in front of people due to the editor favoring consolidation.

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My city of Radcliff is self sufficient and prosperous. Our Mayor and city counsel members work with Ft Knox to accommodate the soldiers living in our community. Residents here have seen major improvements to our roads and infrastructure. I see this merger as a plus for E-Town only.

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This is just another sttempt to spread corrupt behaviors. This will make alcohol, bars, casinos etc. more wide spread. It will of course put money into the hands of government & destroy families.

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Hardin County United

Several question come to mind:
1. Who is paying for the study?
2. Who, exactly, is conducting the study?
3. What is the argument being made in support of this "uniting"?
Once these questions are answered, everyone will have a better understanding of the motivations behind this merger. Typically, you will see these type of mergers focus too much time, money and politics on the metro areas and the "rural" folks get pushed to the back burner. Louisville and New York are two vivid examples. After a merger, the new political system begins more "programs" aimed at helping the rural people by raising taxes to justify the help they say they want to provide. We would be better off keeping our money, saving it and helping ourselves instead of relying on the United County of Hardin to tell us what is best for us and our families.

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Hardin County United

Very BAD idea. As a life long resident of Hardin County (68) I have watched the mismanagement and poor leadership of Elizabethtown for years. Classic example the Illegal food tax that was passed by exploiting a loop hole in the Tax code which forbids this tax to Cities that are classified to the class that Etown should be but they refused to do. We the citizens of Hardin County do not nor do we want E-town trying to run the entire county.

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why not stand

If there are so many people that know county government is corrupt then why does no one do anything about it? So tired of people complaining but making no effort to stand up to these people. That is why they are so successful in railroading....no one makes a stand.

M. Ray
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The Undiscovered Country

There has been a lot of talk about all the reasons this consolidation is a bad idea. From what I can see, know one has mentioned what I call "The UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY". What is being asked is that for the fisrt time in modern history that the respective cities not have any enemy to point the finger at. So instead of looking at the potential of the undiscovered country people would rather dig in and do what ever possible so that the enemy remains in tact.

New York City is a model that I think about when consolidation is mentioned. There are 5 counties that make up the city of New York each with very different personalities and needs. The respective councils should look beyond the city of Louisville as an example. Louisville is still relatively young as mergers go.

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As the Rich grow Richer...

This is just another "Bright Idea Land Grab by the Rich and Powerful©" in Elizabethtown who pass Hardin County Government officials on the street downtown every day. Taxes will go UP to support the new government. Services will be spread thin(-ner). And political power will be consolidated (concentrated) into fewer and fewer hands. Look at the damage already done by the Elizabethtown City Council who created the 30 million dollar "Field of Dreams Fanatasy Sports Baseball Park". Do you think they could do any better if they had more political power and more of YOUR tax money at their disposal...??? People in the Louisville Metropolitan area are still complaining nearly 20 years after Louisville and Jefferson County merged that they haven't seen what they were promised, except for higher taxes.

Point to make
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Before expanding

A county wide expansion of government would be too big and unwieldy to manage. Due to the vast differences in the communities the citizen's needs would not be met. Corruption in the current governments are obvious and who would the county attorney be? Tom Pike? According to the Mayor, Vine Grove can't even sue Radcliff because it would be a conflict of interest because he is the city attorney for both.If we had one county attorney representing all of the cities it would be worse. The consolidation would be the worst thing that could happen to the citizens of the county

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What would this do to taxes?

Can't help wondering what good this does for Elizabethtown.
From what I have seen in the paper Etown brings in three times the taxes per person that Radcliff does.
Looks to me like it should lighten the tax burden for Radcliff, course politicians always find a way to spend.
So far all the stores and businesses are moving in to Etown anyway.
If done properly this could improve any future development of the area.
In the wrong hands it could be disaster.
Whose bright idea was it to set up the Elizabethtown Mall area traffic the way it is?

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Not anytime soon!

Hardin county is not "mature" enough to have a consolidated government. For starters, where would they relocated the county's new administration offices/buildings?

Add that to the corruption of the officials of E-Town itself...

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There is a reason on why I live in Vine Grove and not Elizabethtown. I can't stand Elizabethtown. The city and county leaders are corrupt. The E-town folks just want us to join with them so they can get our money that the state and city taxpayers has given us. Vine Grove, Radcliff, keep all of your respected money and independence and tell E-town to shove that idea of consolidating up their asses!!!!

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What is the size of the joined entity?

Is this supposed to be a merger of the existing cities around Fort Knox or the entire county? I would assume a county wide entity would find it easier to attract new industry.

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Consolidated government makes

Consolidated government makes sense for a large urban/metropolitan area that has swallowed up everything. That is not the case here! We are still basically a rural community with nice communities that have their own unique flavor. Sometimes we are in too much of a hurry to be something we aren’t. We should look at better cooperation not oneness. We should celebrate in our diversity rather than rushing to stamp it out!

Point to make
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It's definitely a bad idea.

It's definitely a bad idea. The one size fits all government will not serve the majority of the citizens. It will only serve the connected ones. There should be good communication and mutual support between the city governments but not one government. This is evident in the differences in taxes. The people of Radcliff would not support a Restaurant tax and would not support the ridiculous "Field of Dream" fiasco. I think the people of Radcliff and Vine Grove can both see the corruption in the E-Town government and don't want it here.

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My opinion?

Bad idea! Look at the mess that is being created already by having one Chamber of Commerce in the County. Can you imagine what a nightmare having one local government will be in a county our size, especially with the unqualified individuals we have running things right now?

Bruta Lee Honest