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Editorial: June 12, 2012

ISSUE: Downtown Walking Tour
OUR VIEW: E'town is very fortunate

Elizabethtown is a special community in many ways. There is a rich history throughout Hardin County. There is a very strong and thriving business community balanced with arts and entertainment options that play a significant role in quality of life.

It is a community of caring residents who support one another and welcome others to experience life in Hardin County.

Understanding the history of Elizabethtown and Hardin County gives you a true sense of pride in being a part of the community. In most cities, you would have to visit a library and invest time in research to gain historical knowledge. Not in Elizabethtown’s case.

For the last 25 years, every Thursday in June through September, residents and visitors have enjoyed the Charles W. Logsdon Historic Downtown Walking Tour. Just make sure you’re at Town and Country on the square on time because the tour starts at 7 p.m. sharp.

The tour is engaging, entertaining, educational and free.

This tour is unlike any other because it tells the story of Elizabethtown as lived by the characters depicted by local volunteer actors.

It should be noted that actors in the tour are volunteers. The only pay they receive is the genuine appreciation shown by tour participants. These volunteers are passionate about preserving and promoting local history.

If you have not been on the tour or have not gone recently, grab your family on a Thursday night and attend. If you have children, it really should be considered a must so the next generations can experience and appreciate the history of Elizabethtown and those who were here before us.

We would encourage everyone to take part in the 25th anniversary of the tour. Since the price is free, take along a friend or family member.

Let’s also join together and send thanks to every volunteer who helps protect and preserve the history of Elizabethtown. It wouldn’t happen without their enthusiasm.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise's editorial board.