HMH to upgrade fetal monitoring system

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New system should be active by fall

By Marty Finley

Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Board of Trustees on Tuesday authorized the upgrade of the fetal monitoring system for the Birth Place department, which would create a fetal electronic medical record.

The new system, Philips OB TraceVue, would provide accurate and up-to-date surveillance on a mother and child during the birthing process while creating a comprehensive patient record for access by physicians. The system also can help assess quality of bedside care by accessing a library of clinical and administrative reports.

The new system was approved at $139,678 for software and hardware, which officials said should be active by September.

The hospital only budgeted $100,000 for the upgrade. Elmer Cummings, vice president and chief financial officer, said the hospital would substitute money from another project in the capital budget to cover the overage.