Howevalley community news

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Jan. 26, 2014


By Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 270-735-7845

KENTUCKY WEATHER. We got some measurable snow last week but it sure has turned bitter cold again. After all, it is still winter. We just have to grin and bear it. Just stay warm when going out. Also, might be a good idea to put a few blankets in your vehicle, just in case your vehicle breaks down or you get stuck in traffic.

CHLOE. Mom put some snow in a bowl for Chloe to play with. She’d reach her hand in it and just giggle. When it melted she’d look like, where did it go? By the way, Chloe now is crawling too. I’m going to be one busy mommy, but I love every minute of it.

PHONE SCAM. It’s sad to say but another scam has hit our area. Don’t answer calls you do not know and if you do, please do not give any information to them about yourself, just hang up. Many people have said they are receiving these calls. Just be alert and smart.

GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well wishes to Sabrina Smallwood, Sue Cundiff, Frankie Vertrees, Phillip Hatfield, Gregory Goodman, Gene Cecil, Ovel Goodman, Thelma Dunn, Mary Goodman, Mike Nall, Sierra Covin, John Shope, Opal Smallwood and Cathy Morgan.

Mom has a prayer request for her friends, Brenda Brooks and Stephanie Jones.

PHONE MESSAGE. Thank you to George Duvall for your kind words. I personally didn’t know your mother but my parents did. Mom said she was an icon of the community. God bless you and your family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday wishes to Rachel Hair on Jan. 27; Kelly Sherrard on Jan. 28; Justin Anderson on Jan. 29; Reece Iler (15 years), Cory Fields, Alex Patterson (18 years), Cindy Marshall and Bailey Crowder (10 years) on Jan. 30; Wesley Miller (19 years), Chris Cecil and Adena Lucas (20 years) on Jan. 31; Tracey Sprinkle, Sabrina Kelly (15 years) and Ashhley Hornback on Feb. 1; Ida Pierce, Ashley Grimes and Jessica Roberts on Feb. 4.

Happy birthday to my aunt Stacey, today.

CLUB NEWS. The Howevalley Vertrees Community Club has bunco on the second Monday of each month. The club meets every fourth Monday of each month. New members are needed. Everyone is invited to become part of the club.

ROOK. Rook is played at 7 p.m. every Thursday at the Howevalley Vertrees Community building. The game is Flaherty Rook. Everyone is welcome. Directions: Approximately nine miles from U.S. 62 at Cecilia Junction on Hardinsburg Road. The building is on the right. If you pass the Howevalley cemetery, you have gone too far.

GOT NEWS? Call and leave your news on voice mail at 270-735-7845, if you call please be considerate of the time you choose to call, or email to margaretsherrard87@yahoo.com. Deadline is Sunday. Don’t forget you can submit photos for the column by emailing them to me. Have a blessed week.